Old Age Pension Given To Maidens: Dr Nimaichand

IMPHAL, Mar 29: Old age pension instituted by the Social Welfare Department is being given to even young maidens in Nambol Assembly Constituency, asserted MPP president Dr Nimaichand pointing the finger of accusations at the Social Welfare Minister.

Speaking to media persons at MPP office today, Dr Nimaichand Luwang alleged that SPF Ministers have been allotting all development funds to their own constituencies.

Every household in Nambol AC were allocated urea when Minister N Loken was in charge of Agriculture Department.

At a time when the State as a whole was in acute shortage of fertilizers, farmers in Nambol AC were given fertilizers free of cost. On the other hand, farmers of Wangkhem AC were allocated just 3 kgs of urea each.

Accusing the SPF Govt of keeping the work programs a secret, Dr Nimaichand alleged that the Ministers have been acting on their own whims. This has become a major factor for misappropriation of development funds.

Notwithstanding the guidelines/understanding to allocate larger parts of Minor Irrigation schemes to hill districts, most of the MI projects are concentrated in Nambol AC, he asserted. With most of the schemes being executed without issuing work orders,    there is palpable lack of supervision and quality control.

The MPP president demanded that the State Government should make it public the amounts of fund sanctioned for Waishel Maril, Merakhong and Govinda Gram as well as the work programs and the works being executed at these areas.

MPP advisor Th Chaoba alleged that the MI Department has constructed permanent pucca dams at unsuitable places along Waishel Maril, Merakhong and Govinda Sena thereby causing serious disturbances to the natural water flow.  These permanent dams were constructed without consulting experts or engineers of IFCD.

These three drainage systems of Merakhong, Waisel Maril and Govinda Sena have been causing havoc by flooding different areas of Sagolband, Keishamthong, Naoriya Pakhanglakpa, Wangoi, Konthoujam and Nambol ACs every year.  While keeping the work programs for 2010-11 a secret, the MI Minister in collusion with some engineers and contractors have been construction dams and canals at places they wish, Th Chaoba alleged.

He further sought immediate attention of the Government into the matter and halt the project work.

(Courtesy: The Sangai Express)

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