Official Goes Amok At Langol Housing Complex

IMPHAL, Mar 10: A high level official of the Government of India went amok at Langol Housing Complex last night causing some unwanted incidents in the locality.

The official was searching for one Seiboi Mate at Type II Quarter No TC-35 at Langol Housing Complex before he started running amok on discovering that Seiboi was not at home.

Speaking to media persons today, Seiboi’s younger sister Henei Mate     said that the official together with 7/8 individuals came searching for his brother after breaking open the gate at about 8.30 pm yesterday.

Brandishing his licensed pistol, the official entered into the house and asked for Seiboi. He also kicked some articles of the house.

On finding that Seiboi was not at home, the official went out. But at the gate, he shouted that Seiboi was an evil and that he should be expelled from the locality within three days.

On seeing that threatening attitude and character of the official, the family members were caught in a panicky situation and they started crying.

Henei Mate said that the official committed a similar aggression last year.

Even as people of the locality were considering about last night’s incident, a team of Lamphel Police, acting on the official’s complaint that Seiboi threatened him, took away Seiboi at about 1 pm today.

Later, a large number of womenfolk went to Lamphel police station and pleaded to release Seiboi Mate. It is said that Seiboi Mate is a distant relative of the official.

Wondering as to why the official was so aggrieved, Henei Mate said that all differences or misunderstandings can be sorted out peacefully.

One Bimola of the locality said that the noise made by the official while breaking Seiboi’s gate alarmed and frightened the local people particularly women and children including students appearing examinations thinking that it was gunfire.

She further appealed to all concerned not to create such disturbances in the locality where people of different communities are living together.

Maintaining that Seiboi has not done anything bad or anti-social till date, she appealed for immediate release of Seiboi.

(Courtesy: The Sangai Express)

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