O Joy Reminds Duty Of Ministers

IMPHAL, Mar 17: ‘‘If you are a Minister, be a good Minister instead of just acting, and if not suitable to the post, then resign’’, the fire brand Opposition MLA O Joy has stated in the Assembly today.

Putting up a token cut motion during the discussion on the demands of Council of Ministers today, O Joy pointed out that Council of Minister is supposed to ensure a good governance and lead forward the State in the path of development and it is to these Ministers who would be given the required fund for the purpose after passing the abstract budget.

But the sad part is that these Ministers do not pay much attention to the development of the State and the welfare of the people, O Joy said, adding that the spleen of the Ministers need to be cleansed.

Observing that the State level work programs are prepared without the know-ledge of anyone, O Joy demanded to know why such work programs could not be tabled on the floor of the House for discussion. If the Ministers think that they can do whatever they like, then what is the use of discussing the Budget ?, he questioned, added that the fund being allocated has not been bequeathed by their forefathers. It is for public welfare.

He went on to say that many centrally sponsored flagship programs may be being implemented in Manipur, but the assigned number of work days has not been given under NRGES in Imphal West district after a case had been lodged and the sanctioned fund has not been able to utilize.  Similarly, crores of rupees have been sanctioned under NRHM and PMGSY, but everything has been rotten in the State. Just look at the condition of roads in the hills and the villages. Unfortunately, none of these issues have been taken up for discussion in the Cabinet, O Joy lamented.

Referring to IFC, O Joy pointed out that when flood occurred it is the poor people who suffered the most and they are made even more impoverished. Yet, there has been no sign of strengthening the river embankments to prevent flood before the onset of rainy season. The Govt has also not taken up any discussion on dredging the river beds and construction of canal to divert the flood water.

(Courtesy: The Sangai Express)

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