NSCN (IM) Dons Mask Of Innocence

An NSCN (IM) Cadre...

IMPHAL, Dec 17: There was no intention of stealing in the act of pulling down the rice bags from five trucks of FCI at Noney Bazar but it was done merely to send a message against carrying other items like cement bags in the FCI rice trucks on the sly, spokesman of NSCN (IM) Longmai area Alung Rongmei has clarified.

Talking to some media persons at Noney (Longmai) Bazar today, Alung Rongmei informed that out of six Imphal bound FCI rice trucks coming from Jiribam in the evening of December 14, one of them encountered technical snag and stayed back at Lukhambi. The remaining five trucks were stopped by NSCN (IM) cadres in front of other people at Noney Bazar.

When the trucks were checked, the truck bearing registration no, MNO04/0636 was found carrying 60 bags of cement underneath the rice bags on the sly. So, the rice bags were taken out.

The trucks were stopped at Noney Bazar not to beat up the drivers, loot them or demand money. But to conduct checks following reports that other items are also being carried in the FCI trucks with security escort, Alung clarified, while asking whether such sly activities are being carried with the knowledge of FCI or just to earn extra profit by the transporters-contractors.

Alung said that from the interrogation of the drivers of the five trucks, it has been learnt that the 60 cement bags belong to two persons namely H Suba and Muchon. Accordingly, the drivers have been told that the cement bags would be given to their owners if they come to claim it and the transporters-contractors concerned should come and express their repentance.

He further informed that when the CO of 26 Assam Rifles and SP of Tamenglong came the following day (December 15), the seized 60 cement bags and 231 rice bags were  handed over to them with the request  for sending the transport-contractor concerned within  three days. So, there is no question of stealing the rice by NSCN (IM). But FCI and its transport-contractors have been trying to mislead the people on the intention of NSCN (IM).

It is because of carrying such items like cement in the trucks which have gone to lift rice that there is no rice in the godown and the districts are deprived of their monthly rice quota, Alung asserted, while pointing out that instead of carrying the rice lifted from Jiribam to the Sangaiprou FCI godown, it would be more convenient to the people if the rice quota of Tamenglong could be unloaded at the district headquarters directly.

To allegation of taking down three more rice bags from another truck, Alung clarified that NSCN (IM) have done nothing of that sort.

Alung contended that was the driver of the said truck who sold the rice at the rate of Rs 750/800 per bag along the way and put the blame on NSCN (IM). Co-operation is needed to stop anti-social activities and bring about development. But the truck drivers have been trying to mislead the people and create confusion, he charged, adding that there is no question of Nagas misunderstanding the Meiteis.

Secretary of Noney Bazar Board Chamrei Kamei, who was also present at the occasion, said that it is unfortunate that the Government does not consider the people of Noney as citizens of Manipur and look upon them as people who are trying to break apart Manipur. Truck drivers and other vehicles can halt at Noney Bazar and we would ensure nothing untoward occur, he assured.

Social worker SK Agui demanded to know why the FCS godown has not been constructed at Noney although the Minister had come for inspecting the site and why not a single grain of rice has been kept at the grain godown which was temporarily inaugurate in 2006. Lamenting over lack of adequate doctors and staff in Noney PHC, Agui observed that there have been many Government employees who dragged in the name of NSCN (IM) when they do not like posting in hill areas. This should not be done.

(Courtesy: The Sangai Express)

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