NSCN Decries Home Ministry’s Allegations

IMPHAL, Apr 21: The NSCN in its joint council meeting of the steering committee members and the council of kilonsers at its council headquarters today has taken strong exception to the allegation leveled against it by the Ministry of Home Affairs, New Delhi of purportedly planning to assassinate SC Jamir.

In a statement issued by its ministry of kilo affairs, NSCN asserted that the resultant directive issued to the Nagaland State Government by New Delhi to provide sufficient security to SC Jamir on account of self-created maneuver is to draw petty sympathy vote. This directive of Delhi exposes total failure of its intelligence agencies who file reports to the Home Ministry at the whims of some crooked and wicked persons having no conscience and welfare for the people.

The statement clarified that NSCN has no such intention to harm SC Jamir, However, the inputs reportedly received from so-called ‘reliable sources’ derived from SC Jamir himself and his brother Sungit Jamir, who is the president of Nagaland Pradesh Congress Committee. The objective is clearly to initiate pre-emptive steps for another upcoming stage-managed-self- ambush judging by his past tract record.

To kick start 2008 election campaign with a big bang, SC Jamir stage-managed self-ambush on November 2007 at Changki area to draw sympathy of the people as his popularity had touched the ground, Secondly, in 1999, when SC Jamir was caught in the middle of Rs 30,000 crores lottery scam, he diverted the attention of the people by a similar ambush on his own convoy between Dimapur and Kohima on November 29, 1999. Significantly, at both the incidents, there were not even scratch on anyone, leave alone casualties and he claimed the NSCN at both the incidents.

The NSCN will no longer tolerate its name to be tarnished for self motivated interest, and therefore, SC Jamir and Sungit Jamir must come out with a confessional statement and make their positive clear to the NSCN and the Naga people at the earliest for their latest gimmick, it demanded.

Furthermore, NSCN has questioned the intentions of the Government of India for engaging NSCN to finalize the Indo-Naga political issue while conniving with the likes of SC Jamir who have spent his entire life bargaining the rights of the Naga people and its Nation for his position.

Demanding the Home Ministry of India to clear its position over the matter, the statement said that NSCN feels impelled to remind the Government of India about how the peace process between the Government of India and NSCN (IM) was initiated.

If the Government of India has forgotten in what spirit the peace process was initiated, it may derail.

In the formal meeting between the Government of India and the NSCN, the Home Minister of India said that RS Pandey has been appointed with confidence to be the interlocutor. It was also assured that no one should issue any statement except Prime Minister, Home Minister and RS Pandey regarding the peace process. Unexpectedly, GK Pillai has been standing in the way with strange statement like ‘After a little bit of progress with the NSCN (IM) from the present stage, we shall start talks with NSCN (K) including State Government fully in picture’. It will be wise on the part of any authority not to exert beyond his authority and the Government of India is expected to check such undue exercise of power before the peace process is endangered, the NSCN cautioned.

(Courtesy: The Sangai Express)

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