NPF Unit Not A Matter Of Concern, Says AMUCO

IMPHAL, May 30:  AMU-CO has not changed its earlier perspective and stance with regard to the campaign of Naga expansionism aimed at consolidating different communities who speak different languages and are partially different in culture under the nomenclature ‘Naga’.

AMUCO would fight all challenges and threats to the integrity of Manipur resulting from activities of any community working for their own aggrandizement.

“As for the recent visit of Nagaland Chief Minister and the opening of the Manipur State unit of the Naga People’s Front (NPF), it was neither a matter of concern nor worry”, AMUCO stated in a press release.

It was only a ploy to create certain situations where different communities can be pushed into conflict in the backdrop of the peace talk between the Government of India and a faction of the NSCN.

The Government of India’s game-plan hinges on the ploy of fulfilling the aspirations of some people and at the same time threatening the integrity of the Meiteis and other non-Naga communities, AMUCO remarked.

Regarding the territorial boundary of Nagas, the boundary between Naga Hills and Manipur State was demarcated as an international boundary in the 19th century.

As such, there is no point of dispute about the boundary but the Government of India has been deliberately putting Nagalim as an agenda.

By doing so, the Government of India has been using NSCN and their projected larger territory as an effective tool of suppressing the insurgency movements in the North Eastern region.

After Nagaland State was formed from Naga Hills in 1963, the boundary of Nagaland was modified several times and now there is no area for any dispute.

But since the NSCN-IM and the Government of India started political dialogue, the need for a larger territory arose.

The imaginary map being drawn by the Government of India and those demanding greater Nagaland is a totally new concept not understood by any of the boundary commissions existing in the world.

Yet, the Government of India has been supporting the illegal Nagalim territorial expansionist movement as a movement acceptable to the Indian constitution.

The fact that the people of Manipur have been closely watching the movement so that it does not result in ugly incidents is clearly testified by the past events, AMUCO asserted.

On the other hand, the Government of Manipur seems to have no in-depth knowledge of the issue.

The recent issue of Senapati and the decision taken by the SPF Government and some political parties and their statements were not representing the people of Manipur.

The decision of the Government was seen as a decision taken by someone with myopic vision who could not understand the issue thoroughly.

That was why the SPF Government faced an embarrassing situation. This misplaced decision of the Government humiliated Manipur in front of other North Eastern States

Moreover the ADGP of Manipur Police and the State security forces that were sent to Mao gate were grossly abused by the Chief Minister who is also in charge of the Home Department. It would have been very noble if the Manipur Government remained silent in the recent NPF issue.

If the SPF Government was opposed to opening NPF unit in Manipur, then why they did not raise any voice when an NPF office was opened at Dewlahland, Imphal on March 31 this year.  It is questionable why the Government first decided to oppose the move before it was reversed after a few hours.

Though the Government might have pressed for indefinite deferment of the tripartite talk to avoid any possible mass movement but the issues were not very much related. It appears that the SPF Government is confused about what is head and what is tail of the issue, AMUCO alleged.

It is only natural for a party like NPF to abet Naga integration. It is acceptable to the Indian laws for a UG group under cease fire with the Govt of India and a political party set up under the Indian constitution to go together, AMUCO noted.

If the Government of Manipur is determined to challenge this move politically, politicians of the State should have the capability to take on the challenge constitutionally and through Parliament just as the Government of West Bengal did.

AMUCO further called upon the politicians to make political moves after studying thoroughly the past, present and future of Manipuri nation.

(Courtesy: The Sangai Express)

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