Now RIMS Has Two Medical Superintendents, Dr H Shanti Reports For Duty As MS

IMPHAL, Mar 2: With the joining of Dr H Shanti as the new Medical Superintendent of RIMS Hospital since yesterday, the premier medical institute in the North East region has two Medical Superintendents functioning side-by-side much to the confusion of the staff.

Dr Shanti has been nominated as the Medical Superintendent by the RIMS Authority following the letter F. No. 4.12025/80/2010-NE sent by Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, North East Region, Government of India on February 25.

According to the staff in the office of Medical Superintendent, the newly appointed Medical Superintendent Dr H Shanti came and sat inside the office at around 9.45 am today.

Like any other day, the other claimant to the post Dr Y Mohen also came to attend the office at around 10 am today. As both of them sat inside the same office room of MS, the staff were confused and did not know what to do.

However, as Dr Mohen and Dr Shanti are close friends, they sat and chatted in a cordial manner.

On the other hand, as the conflict over the order of the Court and the order of RIMS Authority are yet to be resolved and the appointment of the two Medical Superintendents are to be considered valid until resolution of the matter, both Dr Mohen and Dr Shanti appended their respective signatures in the relevant documents.

Meanwhile, Director of RIMS Dr Shekharjit has reportedly left Imphal for Delhi today after the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare summoned him to discuss the presence of two Medical Superintendents in RIMS. So, there is every likelihood of resolving the issue at the earliest possible, according to a reliable source.

(Courtesy: The Sangai Express)

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