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North-East Girls Find Backers, Make ‘˜Delhi Safe City’ Slogan Raised

NEW DELHI, Dec 1: Several women activists and civil society representatives in Delhi came out today and condemned the recent gang rape of a North East girl on November 23.

In a statement issued by the women’s group, child rights groups, sexual rights groups, Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer rights groups and other progressive groups, academicians and concerned individuals, stated that they are shocked by the repeated incidents of sexual assault on women from the North East in the capital of India.

It stated that such incidence gives rise to the assumption that North East women are ‘˜available’ and women of ‘˜loose character’.  The sexual assaults on women from the North East are even justified by saying that they ‘˜asked for it’ because of the way they look and dress, by some perverts and even responsible citizens of Delhi, said the organizations referring to the response from the authority.

The statement, endorsed by over one hundred ninety organizations and individuals, strongly condemned such social attitudes which ‘˜blame the victim’. It also affirmed the right of all women to dress, behave and live in a manner they desire, without their basic rights to security being violated.

Demands that the culprits of the November 23 incident be arrested were raised as well as security measures.

When women staff members are dropped to their residence, Rituparna Borah of Nirantar ‘“ Center for Gender and Education said ‘when the victim is from north east it is often assumed that they asked for it. We are here to condemn such attitude of blaming the victim‘. Echoing in the similar line Shruti , a Delhi University student said that when such incident happens the women victim was usually blamed, that it was her mistake  to venture out alone and so on an so forth.  North East Support Centre and Helpline spokesperson, Madhu Chandra informed the media that the Delhi police had sent a communication to the NE helpline for a discussion on taking up preventive measures. ‘NE helpline and Delhi police meeting will be held tomorrow’ said the spokesperson.

*Reported by Ninglun Hanghal.

(Courtesy: The Sangai Express)

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