No Stop To Calls For Plebiscite

IMPHAL, Apr 24: All the armed groups have achieved ‘freedom’. It is only the general public who have not got freedom, said MAPI Council president Th Manihar.

He was speaking at a public meeting held today at Sekta on the topic “Indo-Manipur Conflict and People’s Participation in Resolving the Conflict”.

The public meeting was attended by AMKIL vice-president L Nganbi, Sekta Meira Paibi Lup president M Thoithoi, Sekta Village Development Committee president Khaidem Tomba and Sekta Sporting Club president Haobam Yaiskul as presidium members.

By killing people at their own whim and doing whatever they like, armed groups of the land have achieved their ‘freedom’, Manihar said.

“To do away with the troubles and difficulties facing the common people, we should ask the armed groups without any fear to lay down arms”, he said.

He attributed the present conflict situation to the alleged forced merger of Manipur into India.

Recalling that Manipur got independence before India, Manihar asserted that had its own constitution and was ruled by an elected Government just before India annexed it.

The conflict resulting from this fait accompli has landed the common people in a sea of misery.

The most democratic means to end this conflict is plebiscite, he asserted.

For that reason, all the people need to join hands and struggle together so that plebiscite is conducted to bring about peace and security in the land.  People need to understand well the Indian politics followed in the State. “We cannot afford to be complacent at some funds sanctioned by India for building some roads and bridges. India has been looting or rendering useless all our resources”, he alleged.

Instead of planning to develop the State’s economy using its resources, the Government of India has been following a policy of subjugation, he added.

(Courtesy: The Sangai Express)

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