No Sign Of Relief From IT Road Woes

IMPHAL, March 27:  The IT Road, the sole transport link to the outside world for the people of Tamei subdivision and major chunk of Sadar Hills, is one of the oldest roads of Manipur but it is arguably the most deplorable and dangerous road for the people to use.

Bus owners and taxis are reluctant to ply along the IT Road as there is no business benefit. Every third day of plying along the road, the vehicles are found dumped in motor workshops. Those few buses that are in service along the IT Road are actually rendering a humanitarian job.

From Imphal till Tamei headquarters, the distance is 115 kilometers.  During the dry season, the transporters experience the ordeal of bumps, raggedness and dust. One cannot drive faster than 10 kilometers per hour

During the raining season, worries of the drivers are numerous——the landslides, to push off the half-buried wheel vehicle from the muddy and slippery potholes, to navigate between boulders of the fresh slides and of course, the extra-careful handling of steering wheel when a vehicle negotiates along the narrow road with one side is the deep gorge. Every year numerous lives have been claimed by accidents caused by bad road condition and yet the people depending on this road have no complaints. Except occasional appeals by certain groups through the media requesting the government to repair the road, no physical pressure tactics are practiced as have been done by others elsewhere to address their plights.

(Courtesy: The Sangai Express / Newmai News Network)

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