NH-53: TDC Levels Graft Charges On BRTF

IMPHAL, Oct 4: The stretch of the National Highway 53 from Imphal to Jiribam has come to its present sorry state because BRO officials have been misusing the fund sanctioned by the Government for the maintenance of the road for a long time, president of Transporters and Drivers’ Council (TDC) H Ranjit has charged.

Talking to media persons at the MG Avenue office of the Council here this afternoon, Ranjit questioned how the Director General of BRO Lt Gen Mathani has come under the conclusion that development of Imphal-Jiribam stretch of the highway could be completed by 2013 when BRO had not done anything for more than 30 years despite the availability of maintenance funds of the road every year.

Expressing surprise over the proposal of the DG to suspend vehicular movement along the road for a week so that BRO can start repairing work, Ranjit further questioned how the repairing work is to be carried out without any machines and manpower.

Let the BRO show the machines and the manpower first and we will stop plying along this route, he said.

Observing that the present deplorable condition of the road has amply demonstrated what BRO had been doing all these years, Ranjit also demanded to know how the fund sanctioned for the maintenance of the road had been utilized.

Half of the bridge constructed along the highway just before reaching Kambiron has sunk as BRO did not maintain the quality of the work executed, he also charged.

Ranjit further informed that following report of over 430 Imphal bound trucks being stranded in between Nungba and Kambiron and the failure of BRO to pull out the stranded trucks, a team of TDC had gone to the site on September 27 carrying 60 truckloads of stones, three JCBs, vehicle parts and mechanics and after camping there for six weeks, the TDC team has brought back all the stranded trucks to Imphal yesterday.

The stranded trucks could be brought back only after they were pulled out from the mud with the help of JCBs and the road was made serviceable by applying 30 truckloads of stones by the TDC team and the personnel of the stranded trucks, he informed, adding that condition of around 5 kms long stretch of the road just before reaching the Barak bridge from Nungba is still deplorable beyond comparison.

Appealing for taking up immediate measures to repair the road stretch which are in really bad shape before the onset of rain either by BRO or Manipur Government, Ranjit urged for ensuring free movement of the vehicles and protection of the truckers along this highway.

Reiterating that there has been no change in the stand of the Council not to ply trucks along the National Highway 39, Ranjit categorically stated that no one should try to violate this stand.

He also informed that since the vehicles have to be escorted along Imphal-JIribam Road on October 5, all the vehicles concerned should report at the Keithelmanbi police out post.

(Courtesy: The Sangai Express)

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