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Negotiations Would Be Self-Defeating: Oken

IMPHAL, Apr 23: Kanglei Yawol Kanna Lup (KYKL) General Secretary N Oken has categorically stated that negotiation or holding dialogue with the Government of India at the present situation would be self-defeating for the revolutionary movement of the land.

Greeting the people on the occasion of the outfit’s 17th raising day which falls on April 25, Oken asserted that going for dialogue or working for resolution of the conflict situation at the pre-sent situation would mean aborting the revolutionary movement.

Quoting the statement of a prominent civil society organization leader that the society is so ill just like a computer program attacked by virus and another statement made by an elderly public leader who compared the present Manipuri society to a cancer patient who is surviving on saline injection, Oken remarked that these two statements aptly described the existing situation of the society.

It appears that all hope is lost and the nation is on the verge of extinction if some visible changes are not brought about urgently.

Under such disappointing situation, the primary duty of the revolutionaries and the people is to seek ways to infuse fresh life to the society. “Living our life just as it is, simply waiting for death cannot be justified”, Oken asserted.

In the same vein, seeking ways and means either to resolve the conflict or negotiate or put an end to the revolutionary movement rather than striving to diagnose the ailments of the society is not a right step.

Planning for negotiation or resolution of the conflict at such a juncture when the revolutionary movement has fallen to the lowest ebb would mean undue advantage to the enemy. The stronger side would be exacting heavy prices while the weaker side would be doomed, he cautioned.

“Working for negotiation or dialogue at such juncture would amount to digging our own graveyards”, he asserted.

What the prevailing situation demands is finding the right medicine to treat the ‘social cancer’ and also the anti-virus which can neutralize the virus which has been afflicting the revolutionary movement.

There were many instances in the history of mankind where seek societies on the verge of total annihilation were brought back to life and once again made healthy ones by right approach of   revolutionary movements.

Likewise, there were also many instances where revolutionary movements going in reverse gear were brought back to the rightful track by timely interventions and corrections.

“Let’s not forget that there are many people in our society who are wise and knowledgeable. Manipuri nation has a long history of more than 2000 years as a sovereign kingdom and it has survived two devastations. Our people should have the courage and wisdom to save the nation from the third devastation which is lurking before us”, Oken asserted.

The people have been enduring extra misery because of infection to the revolutionary movement. However, planning for aborting the revolutionary movement in the name of conflict resolution or negotiation as a solution to the people’s misery is not a correct step.

Under the prevailing circumstances, resolution of the conflict is another name for aborting the revolutionary movement.

Rather than mitigating the people’s misery, aborting the revolutionary movement would only double or triple the woes of the people though nature of suffering may change a bit.

In the same manner, the illness of the society would only get aggravated. The only elixir for the ‘social cancer’ is the revolutionary movement, the General Secretary claimed.

It would be an inexpiable blunder if the people and intellectuals overlook this logic. Using impressive words and terminology for negotiation and resolution of the conflict would only perplex the people who are already confused.

Again, it is only natural for a confused society to indulge in activities which would further degenerate the society.

The General Secretary appealed to the people and intellectuals to concentrate on finding a solution to the virus infecting the revolutionary movement.

What is necessary at the moment is not negotiation or resolution but correction of the revolutionary movement and rectification of the society, Oken asserted.

The KYKL along with some other like minded revolutionary groups have already taken the path to correcting the movement and the society.

This is the only path for survival of the nation.

Rectifying the mistakes and lapses of the revolutionary movement is the only means to save ourselves from the third devastation which is waiting to annihilate us”, Oken asserted. He further appealed to the people, scholars and intellectuals to help and join in correcting the mistakes and lapses.

The General Secretary further appealed to all revolutionary groups to pay their attention to this concept of the KYKL. All criticisms, suggestions and enquiries would be welcomed with open heart and mind, Oken concluded.

(Courtesy: The Sangai Express)

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