Neglected By Govt, Philanthropist Decides To Chip In Road Repairing

LAMKA, May 9: In a public discussion on development held at Sangaikot block headquarters, a special class contractor has promised to repair the 25-km long Lamka-Sugnu road.

The daring announcement was made by one Ginsuanhau alias GS Haupu in the meeting. He promised to scatter stone chips and sand before the onset of monsoon.

The consultative meeting was organized by KSO Sangaikot Block and the local MDC.

Saying that misuse of fund is the sole reason behind the region’s backwardness, Haupu called on the people not to trust those politicians who have cheated them and delivered nothing.

Chairman of ADC Churachandpur and half a dozen MDCs also attended the meeting wherein there were frank and candid discussions regarding developmental activities in the interior region.

A representative from the Kuki Women Union was the most vocal of them all, and did not spare the village chiefs, social workers and the KSO, the meet organizers during her onslaught at the people she held guilty of being this backward.

A village chief also made mention of his village receiving six IAY schemes as per the official document, but neither he nor any of his villagers are aware of it.

A mysterious case of funds being withdrawn for construction of community hall at the host village, but without any visible structure till date was also came up for discussion.

Hailing the frank and sincere discussion, Langkhanpau Guite promised on his part to ensure that the people receive what is due for them.

Village chiefs, women union, and student leaders took part in the meeting.

(Courtesy: The Sangai Express/ S Singlianmang Guite)

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