NEC Funds Set To Spruce Up State

IMPHAL, May 3: For development of infrastructures related to transport sector including Inter-State road connectivity in Manipur, North Eastern Council (NEC) has given its approval to provide Rs 600 crores during the 12th Plan period.

In addition, NEC has approved another amount of Rs 420 crores for development of requisite infrastructure for expansion of Tulihal Airport at Imphal after acquiring the required land.

According to an official source, decision to provide Rs 600 towards development of Inter-State road connectivity as well as approval for sanctioning Rs 420 crores for upgradation of Tulihal Airport were adopted during the 4th Working Group meeting held at the conference hall of NEC at Shillong on April 26 last.

Of the Rs 600 crores that NEC is to provide for development of infrastructures related to Inter-State road connectivity, Rs 25 crores is for construction of Inter-State Bus Terminus (ISBT) at Jiribam and another sum of Rs 25 crores for construction of an Inter-State Truck Terminus (ISTT) along National Highway 39, a few distances away from Imphal.

Over and above this, NEC has also given its approval to earmarking 10 per- cent of the Rs 600 crores provided, which comes to around Rs 60 crores towards construction of the proposed ISBT at Jiribam and ISTT along National Highway 39.

On the other hand, of the approved amount of Rs 420 crores to be provided for expansion of the airport at Imphal, Rs 25 crores is for up-gradation of the existing Traffic Management System including construction of a new Control Tower cum TechnicalĀ  Block, Rs 30 crores for upgrading infrastructures related to safety and security in the operational area, Rs 20 crores for construction of hanger for Helicopter, Rs 10 crores for development of Terminal building, car parking and other facilities for the passengers, Rs 200 crores for construction of a new terminus, Rs 50 crores for construction of Parallel Taxi Track and other ancillary works, Rs 60 crs for construction of new apron and isolation par-king bay and another Rs 25 crores for construction works related to new fire station, motor transport, workshop, emergency medical centre including safety equipment.

For the proposed construction of ISBT at Jiribam where as many as 200 to 300 buses could be parked at one time, and where there would be facilities likeĀ  parking bay, dormitory, cafeteria/restaurant, snacks bar, water treatment plant, tire retreading, auto-workshop, spare part dealers, etc. around 10 acres of land would be required for acquisition.

Since the ISBT is to be constructed closer to the railway line, there would also be arrangement for stationing around to company of security personnel.

(Courtesy: The Sangai Express)

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