Nambul River Fills Loktak With Tragedy

IMPHAL, May 6: Loktak Lake and Nambul river of Manipur have a close link which could never be overlooked, and the people residing along the bank of Nambul, which flows into Loktak, have a great responsibility in keeping the largest fresh water lake in the North Eastern region neat and clean. But it has always been otherwise.

On the other hand, Nambul River has been the only source of water for many people settling along the embankment in the absence of any potable water for day to day use.

From the rain water flowing down the cliff of Sadar Hills area that gets collected in Iroisemba Chingjil, which is also considered the origin of Nambul river, water reservoir at CRPF Group Centre, Langjing has been in operation providing drinking water to the people for around 30 years now.

In addition to this, the water running down Nambul River from Iroisemba Chingjil is being used by the people settling along the river bank for their day to day requirements, even for drinking purposes in case of necessity.

Upto to this point, the water is also clean, and in the absence of tap water or water supply, people have no qualm over drinking the water from Nambul River after boiling it properly.

Once the river snake through Samushang Uku, putrid and dirty water brought down from Lamphelpat gets mixed up in the current of Nambul. The resultant water is so impure that people of the area are hesitant from even touching it, forget about using it.

By the time, the river flows through Naoremthong area and comes out at Bijoy Govinda Mamang Leikai; the same dirty water becomes the elixir for the people of the area settling along the embankment who have no other option but to depend on the water of Nambul for everything from washing clothes to bathing and from cleaning utensils to drinking.

Despite its location in the heart of the capital city, there is no water supply in the area. Those who can afford have been purchasing water spending Rs 120 for 500 liter and Rs 230 for 1000 liters.

But those who could not boil the water of Nambul River use it for drinking after being treated with Alum.

While encroachment have left practically no space even for moving around the river bank, the pipeline of the latrines of every houses that are released into the river has made the water of Nambul contaminated all over in this area.

The story is the same when the Nambul flows through Moirang Leirak and Meinothong area.

By the time, Nambul runs through Maharanithong, the water flows down towards Waheng Leikai and subsequently beyond Keishamthong along with even more putrid smelling water filled with every possible filth carried down by Naga Nullah, which has earned the sobriquet of gandi Nullah on account of its dirtiness.

Residents of Nagamapal and Thangal Bazar as well as Paona Bazar line have been making it convenient for themselves to throw every possible waste into Naga Nullah for most part of their living on this earth.

The same is true about the people living along Masjid Road of Paona Bazar, who are notorious for throwing their waste into the river stealthily when the night falls.

In Kakhulong Kabui khul area, the Thoubei (the village court) may have announced imposition of fine upto Rs 500 against anyone who are found throwing waste into the river running behind the village. But Nambul has shown no sign of relenting from carrying the burden through Keishamthong, Heirangoithong, Langthabal, Wangoi, Samurou, Mayang Imphal and Samushang before it collapses into the lap of Loktak Lake. Proliferation of fishes in the current of Nambul River and spreading of nets to catch bucketfuls of Pengba, Ngasep, Sareng, Ngakra, Ngamu, Ngaril, etc that the people settling along this river bank used to indulge in once the rain started falling some 20 years back, has now become some old wives’ tales.

(Courtesy: The Sangai Express)

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