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KOHIMA, Jan. 4: The Nagas of Myanmar today said they would launch an agitation against discrimination and bifurcation of Nagas’ lands in Myanmar.

The assertion comes close on the heels of the decisions of the Nagas of eastern Nagaland and Manipur to intensify their agitations for a separate state and a separate administrative unit.

The president of the Naga National League for Democracy, Myanmar, Sosa, said in a release that any arbitrary decision imposed on the Nagas would never be accepted. ‘This is the era of democracy and self-determination is its essence. Therefore, the Naga people will decide their own future,’ he said.

Sosa said the Nagas had lived on their ancestral land since time immemorial. This was interrupted when British imperial forces intruded into their country and tried to colonies the Nagas with their divide-and-rule policy.

The British bifurcated the Naga territory and placed them under India and Burma, but failed in their attempt. On the eve of departure of the British in 1947, General Aung San convened a meeting of all the heads of the tribal councils at Penlong in Burma to form a union of Burma but the Nagas were not a party to it.

Sosa said after Burmese Independence was declared on January 4, 1948, the Naga areas of Namyung, Tanai, Lahe, Hkamti, Thamanti, Leishi, Homalin, Phombian, Mawliek and Tamu townships were annexed to form Sagaing division.

However, under the military rule, their territory was sliced and the Nagas were deprived of basic rights and facilities, Sosa said.

He said the Naga people would never be silent spectators to the destruction of their homeland.

(Courtesy: Telegraph India)

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