Naga MLAs State Their Stand

IMPHAL, Jan 24: In response to the United Naga Council’s missive to clear their resignation process by January 31, MLAs M Thohrii, Morung Makunga, Dr Khasim Ruivah, Danny Shaiza, Wungnaoshang Keishing, Awangbou Newmai and K Raina have stated that no ruling has been given by the Speaker of Manipur Legislative Assembly to their resignation letters till date.

In a letter to the UNC, the MLAs reminded that they submitted their resignation letters to the Speaker on May 6 last year.

Subsequently, the Speaker summoned them on May 12 to explain their stand on the matter in which the MLAs explained that the resignation was on their own volition.

Further fresh resignation   letters were again submitted in their own handwriting on the same day.

Again, the MLAs wrote to the Speaker on July 7 and July 27 last year pressing for acceptance of their resignation letters.

‘However, till date no ruling has been given by the Speaker. This then is our position as of today’, the MLAs explained.

(Courtesy: The Sangai Express)

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