Naga Integration Is Our Birthright: Swu

DIMAPUR, Jan 31: At the backdrop of Eastern Nagaland People’s Organization (ENPO)’s demand for a new State christened as ‘˜Frontier Nagaland’ by carving out of Nagaland, NSCN-IM chairman Isak Chisi Swu has said today that integration of all Naga areas is ‘˜our birthright’.

In his message on the occasion of NSCN-IM’s 31st ‘˜Raising Day’ celebration today, Isak Chsi Swu said that it is the duty of every Naga to fight for integration of Nagalim at any cost. ‘When other people are attempting to disintegrate Nagalim into pieces, how can the suffering Naga people watch helplessly?’ asks the NSCN-IM chairman while adding, ‘There is no balcony in Nagalim from where we can watch the drama of life. We are all actors. Every Naga is expected to participate in our struggle for the integration of Nagalim’. Isak Swu then urged the Nagas to be a prepared people for any eventuality. ‘Prepared people will never be disheartened, for we know that only the prepared people are the people who are destined for victory,’ he quipped. Harping on the ongoing dialogues with New Delhi, the NSCN-IM chairman said political negotiation is always for arriving at an honorable agreement. ‘Any proposal which is acceptable to only one party is not for solution. It should always be acceptable and honorable to both the parties. We are seriously seeking to arrive at an honorable political settlement’, Isak Swu said.

‘I am committed to reconciliation among the Nagas. For those who really love Nagalim, working for reconciliation is not an impossible task. If we are guided by the love for Nagalim for Christ, we will certainly find a meeting point for reconciliation,’ he added.

In his message, Isak Chisi Swu said it was on this day the 31st January 1980 that the National Socialist Council of Nagalim was established on the foundation of Naga history, Naga culture and Nagalim for Christ. ‘The NSCN is the instrument of God for the liberation of Nagalim. The first celebration was held in 1980 at Nokpa, the then Council Headquarters,’ Swu said. He then stated that at the invitation of the Prime Minister of India for political talks, he had come to Delhi for the third time. ‘I am thankful to the Government of India for making necessary arrangement for my safe arrival in Delhi,’ he said The NSCN-IM leader then expressed gratitude to all the ‘˜international support groups’, civil society organizations, and ‘˜Churches in Nagalim and abroad for their priceless support for our cause’.

Saluting the Naga underground cadres who had laid down their lives while fighting, Isak Chsi Swu said, ‘I salute all the comrades who have laid down their lives for our national cause. May their souls rest in peace in our heavenly home.’

‘I praise and exalt all the revolutionary patriots who have suffered for our nation. They are worthy of respect. They are honorable citizens of Nagalim.’

*Source: Newmai News Network

(Courtesy: The Sangai Express)

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