MPP Seeks Clarification From CM

IMPHAL, Apr 26: Referring to the BJP spokesperson’s allegation that an ‘extremist group named Cabinet has emerged in Manipur’, the MPP has sought an explicit clarification from Chief Minister Okram Ibobi who is heading the SPF Government.

Speaking to media persons at their office this afternoon, MPP president in-charge Y Mangi pointed out that the Cabinet is directly responsible for administration of the entire population of Manipur.

Rather than explaining the BJP Spokesman’s allegations, Chief Minister O Ibobi has been making unrelated statements.

The people of Manipur would like the Chief Minister to clarify on the BJP’s allegation that an extremist group named Cabinet has emerged in Manipur.

The Congress party seemed to have little idea that what the MPP had been shouting was for welfare of the people, Mangi claimed and added that the people were astonished when Congress skirted the issue.

Recalling that the Chief Minister appreciated the proposal of holding plebiscite as a good step on the floor of the House, Mangi pointed out that Ibobi made himself ambiguous and inconsistent by stating that it would be impossible to separate Manipur from India.

The glaring exposure made by Wikileaks that Ibobi was corrupt and SPF Ministers corrupt and SPF Ministers and MLAs issued contract works without estimates for they were contractors earlier as well as the failure of PDS should be explained by the Chief Minister.  Even senior Congress leader Rishang Keishing had asked the people not to give votes to corrupt Ministers and MLAs, he noted.  MPP Youth Front president M Maniton said that the SPF Government is neck-deep in corruption. The Congress party has been using welfare schemes as baits to coax people to join them. By giving old age pension, many people have been taken into their fold, he alleged.  Asserting that the properties and assets of Ministers and MLAs have been multiplying every day, Maniton declared that the MPP is all prepared to fight against the Congress party.

(Courtesy: The Sangai Express)

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