MPP Demands President’s Rule In Manipur

IMPHAL, Mar 27: Manipur People’s Party (MPP) today demanded President’s rule in the state for “lawlessness” and “overall failure” of the Secular Progressive Front (SPF) government led by Congress.

MPP, which had earlier ruled the state for more than ten years, said in a statement that it had submitted a memorandum to that effect to the Prime Minister Manmohan Singh yesterday.

The statement claimed that the son of a senior minister shot dead a youth during the Holi festival only because the youth tried to overtake his (minister’s son) vehicle.

MPP also alleged that a senior minister shot at the advocate general of Manipur some months ago. Official sources said the advocate general was taken to Delhi for treatment and currently in good condition.

The party further alleged that there was no development in the state except repairing some roads in Imphal area.

(Courtesy: Press Trust of India)

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