MPP Condemns Loktak Act

IMPHAL, May 8: The Manipur Loktak Lake Protection Act 2006 is a tyrannical Act which forfeits the rights of fishermen, declared a conference held at Thanga Haoreng Chingyang today on the topic “The Manipur Loktak Lake Protection Act 2006, its Impacts and the role of MPP”.

The meeting organized by the MPP Youth Front took three resolutions unanimously.

The resolutions include MPP taking responsibility for amendment of Section 20 of the Loktak Protection Act in the interest of fishermen.

To file a PIL so that no phumdi dwellers are evicted until and unless the Act is amended, construction of sanitary latrines and construction of a shelter against wind and rain for fishermen were the other resolutions of the conference.

Speaking at the conference, MPP vice-president RK Manisana said that the condition of fishermen would only get aggravated if the Loktak Protection Act is not amended.

Saying that the Loktak Protection Act was enacted in the name of protecting Loktak Lake, MPP Youth Front President Maniton said that the Act was directly challenging the livelihood of fishermen.

He asked if the Government has formulated any policy to safeguard the livelihood of fishermen.

MPP general secretary Robin Blacky called upon the people to launch strong protest movements so that the Act is annulled.

Advocate H Nabachandra said the Loktak Protection Act may exist but people should move for amendment of Section 20.

Saying that the MLA of Thanga have no concern for the plight of fishermen, he asserted that it would not be correct to entrust the responsibility of protecting Loktak to a man who have no empathy for fishermen.

(Courtesy: The Sangai Express)

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