Mother Village Of Zeliangrongs: Destination Call In Jan ’12

Brig Narula at the recently inaugurated Chawang Bros ground. Image Credit: Sangai Photo.

OKLONG, Senapati,  Mar 25 : Come January next year, and all the sons and daughters who belong to the great family of the Zeliangrong tribe and are settled in Manipur, Assam and Nagaland, their destination will be their mother village, Oklong (Makoilungdi) to take part in the biggest (to date) sports festival of the Zeliangrong people.

The event to be organized by the All Liangmai Sports Associations, comprising representatives from the three different States, will show case the best in sports and all eyes will be on which team gets to lift the LSA Trophy in football, which carries a cash prize of Rs 1 lakh.

Apart from the razzmatazz to be generated by the sports events, to many Zeliangrong people, it would be a once in a life time opportunity to see their mother village and savor their contact with the past.

Towards the successful holding of the sports bonanza, the Chawang Brothers’ Ground was inaugurated by Brigadier AK Narula of the 59 Mountain Division on March 17. The grounds were constructed under an MCA project of the Army.

According a warm welcome to the visiting Army officer, vice president of the Zeliangrong Union, Mr. Simon, on be-half of all the Zeliangrong people thanked the Brigadier for their help and generous contributions. Introducing the important dignitaries, K Dominic Chawang called upon all to put in their collective efforts and to make the occasion a success. He also stressed on the need for the people to cultivate the culture of collective effort and comprehensive understanding of community building.

Addressing the gathering, Brigadier Narula asked the village community as one people and strive for peace and progress. He also noted the rich and significant history of Oklong village.

Despite the efforts being put in and the help extended by the 59 Mountain Brigade the road leading to this historic village of the Zeliangrong people is in shambles.

To make matter worse, no Government officials have deemed it fit to inspect the condition of the road, which will be the destiny of a whole community in January next year.

(Courtesy: The Sangai Express)

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