Moreh Fire Service In Dire Straits

Cracks in the building of the Moreh Fire sub-station being pointed out. Image Credit: Sangai Photo

IMPHAL, Apr 17: Inspite of congestive nature of houses/buildings in the commercial hub Moreh the lone fire Sub-station in the border town is reportedly unreliable thereby endangering the residents.

Hill Tribal Council president Jangmang Haokip talking to The Sangai Express expressed that lack of initiative by the Government to spruce up firefighting equipment as well as infrastructure development of the sub-station is a cause of great concern.

Stating that the sub-station building itself, which was inaugurated by the then Family Welfare Minister Bijoy Koijam in April 2002, is in a pitiable condition as no repairing work had been initiated since then consequently resulting in the sub-station personnel reluctant to remain inside due to fear of building collapse.

It is said that the personnel had been carrying out their task from a makeshift structure attached to the sub-station building as the walls have developed cracks in addition to fire engines stationed at the sub- station exposed to nature due to holes in the roof.

Jangmang also quoted a sub-station officer as saying that intimations to higher officials for repairing of the building is yet to evoke positive response even as some personnel insisted that assurance by the Govt to provide new fire-fighting engines is yet to materialize.

He further conveyed that location of houses in Moreh being very close to one another and coupled with the hot weather prevailing there as well as timber being the chief building construction material outbreak of fire is certain to cause massive devastation.

Recounting past incidents of infernos wreaking havoc in the border town due to ineffective fire fighting machines, the HTC president suggested that construction of water reservoirs at some strategic location of Moreh would be able to minimize damage as procuring water by the fire engines is a time consuming  act due to distant location of water source.

While drawing attention of the Government for prompt action to improve the sub-station facilities, Jangmang also conveyed appreciation to the State authorities for ensuring regular power supply as it provides relief to the residents from the harsh weather condition.

He also expressed hope that technical problem, if any, in the power supply mechanism would be repaired without delay.

(Courtesy: The Sangai Express)

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