Mob Justice: Kids Orphaned, A Mockery Of Justice

The three kids orphaned by mob justice. Image Credit: Sangai Photo.

IMPHAL, Apr 10: “For what reason was our mother murdered so brutally?” This is one question that is constantly haunting the young minds of the three children of Nursana and Mujibullah with no one to answer them.

Nursana and Mujibullah were lynched to death by a mob on April 1 at Sora for their alleged involvement in the murder of Pallel Zilla Parishad Member Md Sahabuddin (54) by some unidentified persons.

Even as the mob held Nursana and Mujibullah guilty, their children, now orphaned, could not believe it.

They wanted a proper investigation so that justice is done to their parents murdered mercilessly allegedly on false charges.

Neither police did try to control rampaging mob nor did the Moulvis do anything to pacify the crowd, lamented the bereaved family members.

Nursana ran to a Madrasa pleading that her life be saved as a blood-thirsty mob chased her but the so-called religious leaders present at the Madrasa just looked on, lamented Nursana’s mother.

The summary murder of Nursana and Mujibullah has traumatized their three children so much that their lives are far from being normal till date.

The young children are enduring the loss of their parents at their maternal grandparents’ home at Wangkhem.

The eldest daughter Mosma is studying at Grace School Kakching in class VIII while the only son Miras is studying in class IV at Rudra Academy Thoubal and the youngest daughter Asma is reading at HIRA School, Sora in Nursery. At the time of the incident, Mosma was at her school.

Mujibullah was at home with daughter Asma and 13 year old girl named Ibe when their house was set afire by a mob. As Mujibullah ran out from his house, he was nabbed by the mob and thrashed to death at about 9.30 am. Two hours later, Nursana was also lynched to death.

Interacting with The Sangai Express at their grandparents’ home at Wangkhem, the young children of Nursana poured out their tale of woes.

They lamented that the summary murder of their parents without bothering to find out the truth was against the tenets of Islam.

According to the tenets of Islam, each man is judged after death by the Lord Allah according to the good deeds and vices committed by them during their earthly life.

The brutal murder of Nursana and Mujibullah without conducting any trial was in total contradiction to the tenets of Islam which the killers professed, the bereaved family denounced.

Samsida, Nursana’s younger sister said, “We strongly condemn the brutal murder of my sister and brother-in-law without listening to their single word”.

“Had they (the mob) have any sense of humanity, they could have spared my sister who was four months pregnant”, Samsida said.

“Again, my sister could have been saved had security forces took up necessary measures as warranted by the tense situation after the house was set afire”, she decried.

Nursana’s second younger sister Nurei said that Mujibullah was earlier working in finance section of PULF (MI Khan Group). But at the constant insistence by Nursana to join the mainstream, Mujibullah had been staying at home since a month back before he was brutally murdered.

Questioning the validity of the allegation that Mujibullah and Nursana were involved in the murder of the Pallel ZP Member, Nurei asked should the couple stay back in their home when they were really involved in the killing.

Nursana had completed GNM training though she was not employed at any hospital.

Before marriage, she was once elected as Member of Wangkhem Gram Panchayat. She was also a student activist contesting election for students’ union at Wangkhem Mani Girls’ College.

Nursana and Mujibullah got married in 1995. Then Mujibullah got job in CRPF.

But after the murder of his elder brother and younger sister, Mujibullah joined PULF (MI Khan Group) in 2005.

Since then, Nursana and her family had been trying to bring back Mujibullah to the mainstream.

Nursana was serving the people of Sora as a nurse for the last 16 years. She acted as a midwife in numerous cases of delivery.

Bold and hard-working as she was, it was Nursana who looked after her mother and six siblings when their father married for a second time and stopped paying little attention to the family.

Mosma questioned why the mob took her mother’s jewellery before killing her in the most brutal manner with her clothes removed and torn in total disrespect to the purdah system of Muslim women.

Though Nursana had high hopes for her three children, they have stopped going to school and they are afflicted by serious trauma since both their parents were murdered.

(Courtesy: The Sangai Express)

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