Minister Parijat Bares Fang At SPF Govt

IMPHAL, Apr 17: Asserting that it is because of the Community Party that a stable Government could be installed in Manipur, which otherwise would have been chaotic, senior veteran Communist leader and Minister of Agriculture in the Congress-led SPF Government Ph Parijat has categorically stated that the Congress party should understand that Communist Party has joined in the Government formation not to gain anything from it.

Speaking at the 10th Imphal West District Conference organized by Imphal West District Council, CPI at Haoreibi Mayai Leikai today, Minister Parijat asserted that with the kind of politics prevailing in the State, Manipur would have gone to the dog, if CPI had not extended its support to the Government to ensure installation of a stable Government.

The Congress party should not forget this fact and understand clearly that CPI has joined in the Government formation not to gain anything in return from it, Parijat said.

He went on to say that what the state of political affairs was prevailing in Manipur some 8 years back is known to everyone. Because of the sorry state of political affairs prevailing then, there could be no stable Government. But after Communist party joined in the formation of Congress led Secular Progressive Front (SPF) Government, it has remained stable till date and able to take up at least some developmental works with the help of the people. In such a condition, it would be wrong on the part of theĀ  Congress party to act like a big brother and look upon the Communist party as the tail of the Government, Minister Parijat said, while giving a veiled threat to the Congress party.

The day-long conference was also attended by other senior leaders of the Communist party including secretary of CPI Manipur State Council Langol Iboyaima, MLA of Sekmai A/C Heikham Borajao and other office bearers as presidium members.

Those who spoke at the conference alleged that the Congress led UPA Government at the Centre has sunken itself in corruption and imperialist globalization. The political direction, defense policy and foreign policy of the country have become not only pro-imperialist today but it has been waiting for the instruction of America to act. Because of all these factors, farmers are suffering beyond comparison and their products could not reach the market with over-flooding of imported foreign products.

It is no wonder that over two lakh farmers have committed suicide as they could not repay the loan taken from the banks.

Inclination of the Government toward neo-liberal economy has also led to various scams which are being flashed in the media almost on daily basis, they further alleged.

(Courtesy: The Sangai Express)

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