Memorial Stone Of Pu Mangthual Laid

LAMKA, Jan 11: In what could be termed as a historical event for the people of Vaiphei community in particular and the people of Manipur in general the memorial stone of Pu Mangthual who was the valiant commander of Vaiphei warriors was laid here today at Kangvai village in Churachandpur district in a formal function attended by almost all the high ranking officers of the Vaiphei community.

Many people of Manipur may not be aware of Pu Mangthual but he was a man whose personality was not less than Thangal-Paona of Meitei, Chengjapao Doungel of Kuki and Vannuailiana Sailo of Mizoram, said the chief of Kangvai village Lamkam Vaiphei who is also the grandson of Mangthual while laying the memorial stone here.

Recalling the history of Mangthual, the village chief said’ ‘the mighty British once occupied Rangoon and reached Kale Valley in the later part of the 19th century AD and planned to occupy Chin Hills to make road connectivity with British India and Burma and eventually constructed Tiddim Road.’

The road construction work being seen as an attempt to intrude the Chin Hills was halted by Sizang-Suantaks of Tiddim Area in the Chin Hills, the village chief said.

As a result of such disturbance the British tried to bring Chin Hills under direct British administration by consulting the Burmese on various strategies, he said.

The Burmese then advised the British to first crack down Sizangs-Suantaks since the latter were the most potent and aggressive tribe in the Chin Hills.

As battles between the British and Sizangs-Suantaks, the Vaipheis who were the cousins of Sizangs could no longer remain as silent spectators and rushed to assist the Sizang cousins against the British under the command of Pu Mangthual, he further said.

Although the Vaipheis under the leadership of Pu Mangthual did not join in the whole course of war, they fought valiantly against the British, he claimed.

Mangthual was blessed with many promising children like Pu Lungpau (his son) who was the first Christian in the south District of Manipur and his grandson Mangtinkhai who established Kangvai village, which is one of the most successful Vaiphei villages having many officers serving both in the Central and State Government, he said.

(Courtesy: The Sangai Express)

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