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Meghen Strikes Anti-Factionalism Stand

GUWAHATI, Jun 23 : All the people who believe in the revolutionary movement for restoring the ‘lost sovereignty’ of Manipur should keep away any intention or thought of splitting their parent organizations into factions, stated UNLF Chairman RK Meghen alias Sanayaima.

He also appealed not to just join any revolutionary group blindly but choose the ones which are in the forefront of the liberation movement and which have faith in the collective strength of the mass.

Clarifying that the Government of India has not yet come up with any proposal for a political dialogue, Meghen stated that the UNLF cannot envision any other means to resolve the Indo-Manipur conflict other than holding a plebiscite.

Sanayaima, currently in the custody of NIA, was produced before a Court at Guwahati today.

Speaking to media persons after appearing at the Court, Sanayaima stated that the UNLF would welcome if any other revolutionary group can come up with a better way to resolve the conflict.

“But what is crucial is people’s participation in resolving the conflict”, he categorically stated.

It appears that Chief Minister O Ibobi was ambiguous on the issue of plebiscite.

After lauding the proposal for plebiscite as a good sign in the State Assembly, Ibobi reportedly stated that the same proposal is not guaranteed by the Indian Constitution.

He then said that no third party can be involved and again without taking a definite stand of his own, he said that election is plebiscite, Sanayaima asserted.

To a query, the rebel leader admitted that the people suffered a lot during the last 30 years in the course of the liberation movement.

In addition to atrocities committed by security forces, several armed groups cause immense trouble to the people.

Sanayaima said that he was gratified to observe people’s firm commitment on the rightful path towards the goal of the revolutionary movement.

Such commitment of the people is a perennial source of courage and sacrifice to the revolutionaries.

Stating that the movement would face vicissitudes in its course, Sanayaima called upon the mass to stand firmly and over-come all the ups and downs.

He also appealed to all the communities of Manipur to work on building collective strength.

Saying that PULF itself has conceded the recent surrender of 40 PULF cadres and one KCP cadre to Assam Rifles as stage-managed drama, Sanayaima noted that such events were a big blot to the revolutionary movement.

The Indian army using Kuki UG groups under SoO pact in attacking revolutionary cadres and the alleged surrenderees being    sheltered by the army are all causes of impeding the revolutionary movement.

These new armed groups were set up by security forces or Government agents to malign the revolutionary movement, the asserted the UNLF Chairman adding that most members of these armed groups are drug addicts.

Along with RK Meghen alias Sanayaima, other UNLF leaders and cadres who are being detained by NIA were produced before the same Court today.

However, as the Judge of the Court took leave, they were produced before CJM Cachhari Area.

The Court remanded them to judicial custody till July 7.

(Courtesy: The Sangai Express)

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