Meghen Not Likely To Be Brought Here In Next 2/3 Days, P Chidambaram Sets December 14 Date With Imphal

IMPHAL/DELHI, Dec 1: With Delhi finally admitting officially that UNLF Chief RK Meghen is in their custody with the ‘arrested in Motihari district of Bihar‘ twist in the tale, the focus or rather the immediate point of interest to the people is when he will be brought to Imphal, where a number of cases have been filed against him. However the wait will be longer as there is no immediate plan to bring Meghen to Imphal at least in the next 2 or 3 days.

By design or otherwise, amidst the unfolding developments and the large number of unanswered questions, Union Home Minister P Chidambaram is scheduled to arrive here on December 14 on a two day visit and discuss the road map to bring the underground organizations to the negotiating table.

Contrary to the report filed by the BBC as well as the follow up exercise taken up by Tehelka, Delhi did not say anything about the rebel being arrested in Dhaka on September 29, but merely came out with the statement that he was arrested by sleuths of the National Investigative Agency (NIA) from Chhattauni village in Motihari district of Bihar while he was trying to sneak into India from Nepal.

The rebel leader has been brought to Guwahati from Patna today and with talks doing the round that he would be brought here today, a large number of people, not to speak of of media persons, descended on Tulihal airport to have a glimpse of the man who has been waging a bush war against India for the last 30/40 years.

When The Sangai Express contacted the DGP, Y Joykumar today, the police officer admitted that a formal intimation has been received that Meghen has been arrested by NIA personnel.

Stating that he is yet to be officially handed over to the State police, Joykumar said that as of now there is no plan to shift him to Imphal in the next couple of days.

Speaking to The Sangai Express Chief Minister O Ibobi echoed much the same observation as the DGP, stating that there are no immediate plans to bring Meghen to Imphal.

He will be brought here after going through all the necessary process and when the time is right, added the Chief Minister.

Stating that there has been no change in the policy of the Government, the Chief Minister said that they have always maintained that dialogue is the only option and had sent out the same message to the rebel groups. Even today, the doors of the Government are open for the rebels to come in for a political dialogue.

The invitation to come to the negotiating table covers all the underground outfits and not only the UNLF, explained the Chief Minister. Recalling his recent trip to Delhi, Ibobi said that engaging the rebel groups to a political talk was discussed minutely during his meeting with Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh.

Informing that Union Home Minister P Chidambaram is scheduled to arrive here on December 14 and leave the next day, the Chief Minister said that during his stay here the road map to chart out a way for the rebel groups to come to the negotiating table would be discussed minutely.

A source close to the Union Home Ministry informed The Sangai Express that RK Meghen has been taken to Guwahati after his arrest yesterday. He is set to be produced before a special Court of the NIA tomorrow, said the source.

Stating that a case against Meghen has been registered in Guwahati in connection with the arrest of some UNLF cadres there, the source said that the case has been registered under FIR number 10/2010. The source however said that he is not aware of how many cases have been lodged against him in Manipur. Earlier on September 8, the vice chairman of the outfit Kh Pambei and Deputy Secretary (Organization) Ningombam Dilip were rounded up from Guwahati. A source who is acquainted with the rules and procedures of the Court said that in all probability the NIA has registered the case against Meghen on the instruction of the Union Home Ministry, as the ground under which the case was framed is flimsy-arrest of UNLF cadres from Guwahati.


Non-appearance of Meghen leaves many disappointed

IMPHAL, Dec 1: Banking on the belief and hope that UNLF chairman RK Meghen alias Sanayaima may be brought to Imphal since the Government of India has officially admitted that he was arrested from Motihari district of Bihar, a large number of Meira Paibis today waited at Tulihal Airport to receive the rebel leader.

As there was no sight of the rebel leader being brought even after the arrival of many flights, the aggrieved Meira Paibis staged a protest demonstration at Kwakeithel.

They also shouted slogans like ‘˜Long live RK Sanayaima alias Meghen’, ‘˜Long live Manipur’, ‘˜We want justice’, ‘˜We want democratic solution’, ‘˜We welcome UNLF chairman RK Meghen’, etc.

Protests were also held at other places.


Disclosure of Meghen’s whereabouts, Political leaders hail public pressure

IMPHAL, Dec 1: It is because of strong pressure from the public and political parties of Manipur that the Government of India has admitted officially at long last on the arrest of UNLF chairman RK Meghen alias Sanayaima, stated leaders of various political parties in the State.

In connection with the issue, MPP president Dr Nimaichand Luwang said that the Government of India has been compelled to admit that RK Meghen alias Sanayaima is in their custody following the pressure of the people and political parties in Manipur.

However, the contradictory claim of the Government of India that RK Meghen was arrested in Bihar although it had already been reported that he had been arrested in Bangladesh is a big lie to the people of Manipur, Dr Nimaichand said. As the claim of Government of India is not acceptable, Chief Minister O Ibobi Singh, who is also in charge of Home, should come out with an explanation and make the people understand the truth, he demanded.

Dr Nimaichand alleged that the State Government has a role in concealing the whereabouts of RK Meghen for more than 2/3 months after his arrest.

Now that the Government of India has admitted the arrest of RK Meghen, necessary legal measures should be taken up and kept RK Meghen with dignity, Dr Nimaichand pointed out.

BJP State Unit president Sh Shantikumar said that the admittance of the Government only yesterday although RK Meghen was reported to have been arrested 2/3 months back is its hold old habit taking the people of Manipur for a ride.

It is unfortunate that Chief Minister O Ibobi could not say anything to the role of Government of India over the issue of RK Meghen, Shantikumar added.

Stating that the Government of India may have admitted to the arrest of RK Meghen under some policies following the strong public pressures, Shantikumar pointed out that RK Meghen should be kept in a safe custody so that his rights can be protected. The Government of India should take the full responsibility in this regard, he said.

Secretary of CPI State Unit L Iboyaima observed that the contradictory claim of the Government of India that RK Meghen was reported to have been arrested in Bangladesh had been arrested in Bihar has caused confusion in the mind of the people of Manipur. Authorities concerned need to clarify on this.


(Courtesy: The Sangai Express)

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