Meet Sustains Plebiscite Call, MCA Slammed

IMPHAL, May5: ‘‘Military Civic Action program is a sham, just a pretension’’, vice president of UCM Y Nabachandra has stated at a public meeting held at the Heibongpokpi community hall today.

Addressing the meeting held under the theme of ‘ManipurIndia conflict and its resolution through public participation‘ as a re- source person, Nabachandra asserted that in the name of counter insurgency operation in Manipur, security forces have been killing innocent people on mere suspicion, causing involuntary disappearance and subjecting the people to various form of atrocities and harassment.

While many people have been maimed for life, the modesty of many other women has been violated. Yet to cover up their misdeeds, computer sets and sewing machines are being provided, tours are being conducted to other parts of India and playgrounds are being developed under the Military Civic Action program, he said.

How long are we to compromise the lives of the common people with such Military Civic Action program?, Nabachandra questioned.

However, he hastened to add that this does not mean that Indian Army should be looked upon as enemy. It just means that the people have to be aware of the system and conduct of the Army.

Nabachandra further observed that staging Wakat Meephams after every killing of one’s husband, son, etc by the security forces without any reason and offering of ‘suitable job’ to the bereaved families could never be the solution to the on- going conflict between Manipur and India.

Public should join hands and come together. Only then a solution could be brought about, he added.

Organized under the aegis of Lamshang Nupi Khunai Apunba Lup, the meeting was held with president of Nupi Khunai Apunba Lup Mutum Manbi Leima, social worker Sapam Pari Khuman, social worker Laishram Irabot, retired Superintendent of Youth Affairs and Sports Chirom Nabadwip and president of All Manipur Tammi-Chingmi Apunba Lup S Momon Lei-ma as presidium members.

Among other resource persons who addressed the meeting, president of UPF Y Dhiren pointed out that peace talks which is devoid of public participation could never restore the lost sovereignty and allow the people to live in peace. The ongoing Manipur-India conflict, which has come about following the annexation of Manipur by India in 1948 should be resolved only through public participation, he maintained.

Thoudam Ingocha questioned why draconian Act like Armed Forces Special Powers Act that gives immunity to security forces in killing innocent people even on mere suspicion is being imposed if Manipur is considered to be a part of India and the Manipuris as citizens of India ?.

Chirom Nabadwip observed that the demand for plebiscite to ensure public participation in restoring peace in Manipur is an internationally accepted proposal. So, the people should work towards fulfillment of this demand.

(Courtesy: The Sangai Express)

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