Marriage Solemnizes Hill-Valley Alliance

IMPHAL, Apr 30: Encouraging inter-caste marriage, which was widely accepted in Manipur before the ad-vent of Hinduism and the notion of purity or impurity created a wall among the indigenous people, Sana Konung Uttra Shanglen yesterday hosted a wedding ceremony between a Kom girl and a Meitei boy.

The bridegroom, Heikrujam Rituchandra s/o Heikrujam Shyamkumar of Uchiwa Leirak Achouba and the bridegroom Serto Besallisha Kom d/o Serto Larpu Kom of Thayong Village tied the knot in the presence of titular king Leishemba Sanajaoba and his courtiers in a unique show of unity between the hill and valley people.

In connection with the wedding ceremony, Leishemba Sanajaoba pointed out that inter-caste marriage between the hill and the valley people of Manipur was widely accepted in the past. However, it has come to be looked down upon or opposed after the notion of purity or impurity has taken ground. Of course, there have been such alliances since then. But the wedding ceremonies were normally performed either in some Churches or private residences with or without the consent of the family members of the two parties.

“However, today’s wedding ceremony between a Kom girl and a Meitei boy is unique in the sense that the bride and the bridegroom would be clad in their respective traditional wed- ding dresses. This is also what was in vogue in Manipur at one time,” the titular king pointed out, while appealing to all for similar arrangements in case of any future inter-caste marriage.

If there is some disagreement between two families over such inter-caste marriages, Sanakonung would be more than happy to host the wedding or help in resolving the differences.

Interacting with media-persons, Serto Besallisha Kom said that she met Rituchandra for the first time near DM College gate. After around 10 months of courtship, they decided to elope two weeks back.

Serto Besallisha Kom is a student of TDC Ist year in Biramangol College, Sawombung while Rituchandra is a constable in the Manipur Police. He joined the service last year.

Serto Besallisha Kom said that she is happy about her marriage with Rituchandra and she felt herself lucky to have the wedding ceremony performed at Sanakonung unlike any other inter-caste marriages in the past.

“Now that I am married to a Meitei boy, I would try my best to live up to the expectation of the family members and I hope they would also take care of me,” Serto Besallisha Kom added.

Rituchandra said that he is madly in love with Serto Besallisha Kom and decided to make her his wife against all odds.

“I would take care of my wife and be faithful to her,” a beaming Rituchandra pledged, while expressing his gratitude to Sana Konung for hosting their wedding ceremony.

(Courtesy: The Sangai Express)

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