Luira Phanit Sows Seeds Of Hope And Prosperity At Hundung

Young girls staging a traditional dance on Luira Phanit. Image Credit: Sangai Photo.

IMPHAL, Mar 3: Luira Phanit, the annual seed sowing festival of the Tangkhuls, has been celebrated with great fanfare at Hunphun (Hundung) village in Ukhrul district today.

The festival of invoking the blessings of God for a bountiful harvest, is being celebrated every year in Hunphun village since time immemorial.

In ancient times, although the area of Hunphun village used to be extended far and wide, the villagers used to gather at one appointed place to celebrate the festival every year since the number of households was very few then. But today, with increase in the number of households and population of the people, the festival is being celebrated at four different locations of the village as there is no space for the gathering of all the villagers apart from other constraints.

In accordance to tradition, the celebration of the festival in Lower Hunphun, Awungtang, Vashintang and Kasomtang commenced only after the chief of the village had first sown the seeds.

Even though the celebration is being organized separately at four locations, it is said that from 2013 it would be held at one selected place as in the past.

This year’s celebration held at Lower Hunphun was organized under the aegis of Lower Hunphun Public Organization and was participated by people from both the hills and the valley.

Chief Guest of the celebration, ZEO Ukhrul N Everest Luikham expressed happiness over the participation of brethren from the hills and the valley together in the event.

Chairman of Green Foundation N Joykumar, who was present at the occasion, announced that efforts are being made to take up organic farming in Hunphun.

Secretary of Manipur State Kala Akademi Sh Vedeshor Sharma and president of Manipur State Shumang Leela Council Ph Gunachandra also attended the celebration as special guests.

In his address, Gunachandra observed Luira Phanit festival is a cultural heritage of the Tangkhuls.

If the celebration of Luira Phanit is fades away, the cultural elements of Tangkhuls too would become oblivious. So, every effort should be made for promotion of Luira Phanit. Speaking on the same line, Vedeshor Sharma observed that the identity of a group of people is reflected in their culture and tradition. So, culture and tradition of the people should be preserved. Any group of people can embrace the religion of their liking, but the cultural heritage of their forefathers should never be forsaken, he added.

(Courtesy: The Sangai Express)

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