Locals Allege Sub-Standard Work

A breached portion of Nambul River retaining wall. Image Credit: Sangai Express

IMPHAL, May 11: Contending that quality control is not being maintained in the construction of retaining walls along the Nambul river banks locals of Takyel Khongban have proclaimed prohibition on continuation of the work with immediate effect.

With the ongoing retaining wall construction works generating strong criticism from a substantial number of locals of Takyel Khongban Khumanthem Leikai, Lamjao Tongba Gram Panchayat Pradhan Thokchom Sumanta told a group of news- persons that local residents are not satisfied at the manner the construction work is being executed.

Accusing contractors of not maintaining work quality inspite of the work program aimed at preventing chronic problem of inundation during monsoons season, he claimed that even a mild stroke of the hands could trigger collapse of the retaining walls at various points thereby leading to apprehension among the residents that they have to be prepared for flood-related woes.

Echoing similar sentiment, Takyel Khongban Khumanthem Leikai elders namely Ngangbam Gopal and Yambem Brajamohan expressed that the locals’ expectation for a flood-free living in the years to come has been given a rude shock as the retaining walls currently under construction would not be able to hold back Swift River current.

Informing that cracks and minor collapsing of the  retaining walls had been evident sporadically ever since the construction work began a few months back, they also pointed to a collapsed wall of about 15-feet length at Khumanthem Leikai section of the Nambul river bank to substantiate their contention that quality control is being compromised by the contractors concerned.

The senior citizens also alleged that workers engaged in the task were spotted stacking up the rock boulders with mud and sand mixture rather than the normal/prescribed pattern of sand and cement concoction.

Pointing out that such violation of construction regulations is likely to bring more sorrow to the people rather than relief from years of suffering, Gopal recounted collapse of the Nambul river embankment at Takyel Khongban portion is an annual affair due to volume and swiftness of the river current from Iroisemba Chingjil and Samushang Uku (culvert) points. Drawing attention of the authorities concerned to advice contractors entrusted with the retaining wall construction task to maintain work quality, the local elders said they will assess the situation before any further action is initiated. The work cessation proclamation will, however, remain in force till satisfactory measures are initiated, they asserted.

(Courtesy:  The Sangai Express)

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