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KYKL’s ‘Curfew’ At Exam Centers

IMPHAL, Mar 14: The proscribed KYKL has imposed ‘curfew’ on a distance of 400 meters around all exam centers of the Higher Secondary Exam 2011 to be conducted by COHSEM which is scheduled to commence from March 16 and finish on April 11.

A press release issued by the outfit’s publicity and research secretary Lanngamba Mangang informed that assembly of more than two persons, preparation of notes and delivering notes to students would be banned during curfew hours and areas covered by the curfew.

To strictly enforce these prohibitions, the outfit’s armed wing Meeyamgi Yawol Lanmee (MYL) has been empowered to shoot at sight anyone defying the prohibitions.

The outfit also asked the COHSEM to conduct the exam according to rules.

Secondly, OCs of all exam centers should ensure that the exams are conducted according to the laid down rules in a peaceful atmosphere.

Invigilators should immediately expel students found copying and they should not disclose any answer to students, the outfit cautioned.

Fourthly, students should not take any extra materials like notes, textbooks, mobile phones etc inside examination halls other than the materials required for the exams.

OCs and invigilators who do not follow these instructions would be given befitting punishment starting from forced retirement.

Students found copying would be banned from appearing exams for five years.

Likewise, students showing indiscipline to teachers would be banned from appearing for the exams for five years and they may be shot on their legs, the outfit warned.

(Courtesy: The Sangai Express)

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3 Responses to " KYKL’s ‘Curfew’ At Exam Centers "

  1. khuman says:

    KYKL hairiba Group sisu maningtabi haiba khakti mayamgi phanaba toubadi keidoubagibu tapthaduna leirugani
    Adubu kana matana pakthokpide supnatagi peisa ngaktani pamliba.
    Adubu Education dadi asigumbasidi tapthaduna kanaroi auba maphamda kapthokadabani eibu oirasu kapada chingnade. Lairik na heitrabadi karidi upai leiei aduna curruption touba tabani. Peisa paidaba mayamna karamna hingani. Matam Khara hinglingei manungsida tungi kharadi touramsi ntradi tungi mirol na eikhoi mayambu karini haina sonnahouragani. Khanduna kharasu yengsi.
    Aphababu touradi tung enbada chingnaroi adudi nte miyamna loina kinarisina karigino.

  2. khuman says:

    Manipur ” the land of curruption” asidi mapham khuding hiram khuding curuption sina mang hekta tharak ee. Hotel khuding admit card yonpham oire.Board ki member singna karamna admit card issue toy=urino khangdre.
    Sina pheo=i haiba manipur da amta leitre huranbagi huranba ngakta.Ama kapasu adum kibide adum henbu henjilak e huranba hengat lak e. Adubu eikhoi mayamsu singbai matamdi oire.eina khanbada asigumba exam asida peisa pijaduna mahut thahaliba amadi teachersinbu punna kaptuna amuktangdi takpa phare ntradi nongama nongmagi asum henjilakedani adubu luribadi kap kada groupsu peisa chaduna adum punna lupminari.
    Chandel pallel dadi exam haibasidi keisu ludre peisabu pairadi mahut sinduna thahanba yare.Parents singna chang changduna invigilator taduna machabu phaohannaba kanna kanna hotnari. Evergreen modern School pallel,High school Pallel sigi principal singa uanabiduna adomgi echabu exam thahandana,matam changdana certificate pahngba yaragani amadi adomgi leikaida contact toubiduna ewa wadana certificate pahngbiba yaragani.Board of education ” The fastest curruption centre”.

  3. khuman says:

    KYKL imposed curfew within 400 meters of the exam centre’s for the High School Leaving Certificate Exam scheduled to begin from March 25.But what about the inside the ground and classrooms.Many peoples earn money in this Examination in the of Examination. Mostly In Pallel Namely Evergreen school,Pallel high schools and others schools too.I heard that in Evergreen School most of the invigirators ares parents and give free the the studends for coping the Notes.And in pallel high school,Hearer candidates gives the exam for others candidates.
    Not only this many schools are becomes the place for earning money as well as reason for black-image in Education.
    Many peoples takes 5 to 10 thousands per students for this type of Examination.In this process many Board members are included,So for the bright future and to close this type of corruption, It is better to shot out all tha concern peoples from the bigining the end i.e Candidates,Guardian,Teachers,Board Members,and the Side arranchers.
    So lastly,On the behalf of others Canidadates and Guardians,Pliz do something for the shack of peoples.

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