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KYKL, UNLF Lift Restriction On Heirok People

IMPHAL, Jul 12: The proscribed UNLF and KYKL have lifted the restrictions imposed on the people of Heirok in the aftermath of the violent incident of March 2008.

A joint press release signed by KYKL General Secretary Namoijam Oken and UNLF General Secretary Narengbam Thabal declared that the restrictions imposed on Heirok people barring them from venturing outside Heirok has been lifted in view of the degenerating condition of the society.

Recalling the incident of March 2008 when some PREPAK cadres opened fire in their attempt to overpower a man at a Thabal Chongba venue resulting in death and injuries to some people, the two outfits noted that infuriated by this incident, the people of Heirok decided not to allow entry of any revolutionary cadre inside Heirok.

This was followed by a decision to expel families whose sons or daughters have joined revolutionary groups from Heirok.

After this, Heirok people demanded weapons from the Government to fight insurgents and this ultimately led to the establishment of SPO.

Even though KYKL and UNLF were not involved in the incident, the two outfits repeatedly appealed not to take recourse to such drastic steps against the liberation movement which would decide the future of Manipur but all went in vain.

The two outfits admitted that all the cadres of revolutionary groups are not fully qualified for the fact that      they hail from the same society which has been rendered highly corrupt and has degenerated.

As such, to groom a perfect revolutionary, it demands repeated experiments and indoctrination under strict rules of the revolutionary movement.

Whenever a cadre commits a mistake or goes wayward, the people and the revolutionary groups should work together to bring back the cadre on the right path.  However, the Heirok people decided to blame all the revolutionary groups because of the mistake committed by a single cadre.  The Heirok people did not listen to the repeated appeals not to launch anti-revolutionary movements. Under such circumstances, the UNLF and KYKL were constrained to oppose the stand of the Heirok people. Subsequently, the restrictions barring Heirok people from venturing outside Heirok was imposed and this conflict resulted in casualties.

Taking advantage of the Heirok people’s stand against the revolutionary movement, thousands of SPOs and VDFs have been recruited and they are now working against the revolutionary movement together with commandos in the four valley districts thereby inflicting a severe blow to the revolutionary movement.

The revolutionary movement is making little progress because of all these opposing forces and contradictory actions.  This is exactly what the Government of India has been longing for where the revolutionary movement withers due to internecine killings and Manipur is fully assimilated to India.

Taking a hint from the stance of Heirok people, security forces have been arming anti-social elements and encouraging them to commit crimes in the society for which the blame is falsely laid on revolutionary groups.

As for India, the Supreme Court has disarmed Salwa Judum, set up by Government to fight Maoists in Chhattisgarh. Nevertheless, the liberation movement which would determine the future of the nation would never fade away. It would certainly end in victory one day, asserted Oken and Thabal.

(Courtesy: The Sangai Express)

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