KYKL Resolves To Resume ONK

IMPHAL, Mar 10: The proscribed KYKL has resolved to resume its suspended New Operation Kangleipak (ONK) with effect from March 10, 2011.

A statement issued by the outfit’s publicity and research secretary Lanngamba Mangang informed that the outfit resolved to resume the ONK after the party’s central committee deliberated on the matter at length in February following public demand.

Reiterating the crucial importance of education in the perception of KYKL, the outfit noted that the Manipuri Nation seems to be drifting from the goal of National liberation even though the Nation has been struggling for sovereignty.

Asserting that the Manipuri Nation has been degenerating to a stage unfit to be a sovereign Nation, the outfit stated that it would not be an exaggeration to say that the Manipur Nation is unfit to be sovereign in view of the degenerated culture, tradition and practices.

Independence can be achieved only when there is a mass movement, led by revolutionary groups as vanguards.

“The moot question here is, how can we achieve independence when revolutionary groups and revolutionary cadres have strayed from their intended path and goal while the people are no longer fit to constitute a sovereign Nation”, the outfit stated.

Observing that a mindset of dependency (on others) has taken firm roots among the indigenous people, the outfit noted that a notion that Manipur would not be able to survive without external assistance has been deeply ingrained in the minds of the Manipuri   people.

Now people find it hard to believe that Manipur existed with self-sufficiency on its own resources without any external aid before 1949.

With Delhi fully dictating the politics of Manipur, people have lost faith in their capability to defend their own land. The politics of Manipur is all about begging money from Delhi and those who could bring the maximum amount from New Delhi are considered as the most competent leaders, it asserted.

“Our culture has become so corrupt that most people have imbibed a principle of surviving and prospering through trickery, deceit and duplicity. We have lost our work culture over the years”, the outfit noted.

On the contrary, people have imbibed a culture of poverty. Even though some people are rich in the sense that they have lots of money, they are still poor in terms of productivity, that is, they have poor capability.

The Manipuri society has also lost its cultural capital. Character education which is crucial in grooming future generations is absent in the society. The society is not giving due importance and regard to education, the outfit asserted.

With corruption, fraudulence, prevarication, hypocrisy, summary execution, leveling false allegations etc becoming   socially acceptable practices, there are very few people endowed with wisdom, sense of justice, fortitude, self-control, love, positive attitude, industriousness, integrity, sense of gratitude and humility.

Rather, people with integrity and good character are being viewed as fools.

With mutual trust disappearing from the society, the society has also lost social capital as well as organizational capacity.

The traditional institution of Singlup has become extinct whereas most of the local clubs have become defunct. The civil society has also degenerated to the lowest level.

Because of all these factors and reasons, sense of nationalism and patriotism is also dying down which in turn has considerably reduced national strength.

On account of lack of unity among the people, most of the mass movements ended up in failure.

With the number of self-seeking individuals multiplying fast coupled with frequent incidents of ‘guards becoming thieves’,      people are reluctant to follow any organization and they do not have any faith in any leader.

People do not have any confidence or hope for future. The Manipur society has been entangled in a culture of hopelessness.

As expected from a hopeless society, people have lost any long term vision. People have lost the faculty of transitive thinking as demanded by the existing reality.

Without giving any thought to what is happening in the society, people have imbibed a culture of silence about raising any voice about their likes, dislikes, wishes or aspirations.

With intellectuals and experts gone into hibernation and in the absence of any leader, Manipuri people have lost their national strength, the KYKL asserted.

In fact, the Manipuri nation has been dehumanized to the status of semi-humans. As a nation, Manipuri people are on the verge of extinction with little hopes of revival.

Quoting British historian Arnold J Toynbee, “Out of twenty-one notable civilizations, nineteen perished not by conquest from without but by moral decay from within”, the outfit alleged that the sorry state of affairs prevailing in Manipur is a direct consequence of the alien rule. The Indian regime is a hegemonic one under which the victimized people are forced or coerced to accept all repressive measures by way of imposing softer foreign culture.

The situation has come to such a pass that many indigenous people are not willing to accept that they are being subjugated. Many people have now emerged    preaching that “we should not blame others for our faults” conveniently forgetting that all the socio-political and economic decadence being witnessed in Manipur are results of the Government of India’s insidious policies.

The most potent weapon being used by India to suppress the people of Manipur is their economic policy. The Indian economic policy being implemented in Manipur is basically focused on minimizing the State’s economic base and paralyzing its productive forces, the outfit alleged.

Under such economic policy, an unbridgeable gap has been created between the people’s productive capacity and their aspirations. For a man to earn enough to meet his aspirations, he can only do it through underhand and deceitful means.

Ultimately, this policy has deprived the Manipuri of their work culture.

“It is this policy of the Government of India which has been sustaining our minimal purchasing capacity thereby rendering       us parasites while deliberately staying away from any long term capital investment”, the KYKL asserted.

Such policy is known as ‘assistancialism’ in Latin America. It is like treating an illness on the symptom for temporary relief instead of treating the illness itself for permanent relief. This policy of paralyzing all productive forces and keeping the Manipuri nation completely dependent on the funds sanctioned by India is a form of paternalism. It’s like parents feeding their dependent children to avoid starvation. “Even as all these policies of downfall happened right in front of our eyes, we did not fail to realize it nor did we take up any measures to neutralize the Government of India’s hegemonic policy. We were asleep for more than 60 years. Though it is late, we must make up the deficits”, the outfit called out. The foremost national politics that Manipur should pursue as a nation at present is to make the nation fit and competent to be a sovereign nation, KYKL asserted.

This foremost national priority of making the Manipuri nation fit to be a sovereign nation should be pursued under the alien rule.

In fact, all the programs should be executed within the hegemony of India.  On casual observation it would look like improving the Indian system or supporting the Indian hegemony. But the truth is, it is neither supporting nor consolidating the Indian regime.

On the contrary, it would expose the ugly characteristics of the Indian regime and ultimately weaken the Indian rule. This would also help in conveying the core message of the revolutionary movement to the masses. It is paramount to protect and let the people survive for it is them who wage the decisive revolutionary movement. It would sound absurd and irrational if one is talking about revolution when the nation has disappeared. Protection of the nation and the revolutionary movement should go hand in hand.

Under the prevailing conditions, the revolutionary movement should be for safeguarding the nation and its identity. Safeguarding the nation’s identity means keeping the nation alive.

“For the Manipuri nation to remain alive, the most important task is to groom and educate ourselves”, the KYKL asserted.

The present situation demands that all the people should be taught to think critically. The first and correct step towards bringing changes in the practices and ways of life of a nation is to inform them about the reality surrounding them.

Only those people who know the reality would be successful in their endeavor for change, it stated. Those people who know their own reality have critical consciousness.

Again, only those people with critical consciousness would have the capacity to work for changing their reality.

Working to change the existing reality means waging revolution or joining revolutionary movement or becoming a revolutionary, the outfit elucidated while asserting that the most rightful way to activate the mass is to teach them think critically and inculcate critical consciousness.

This would be able to free the mass from the culture of hopelessness and culture of silence and this would once again humanize the Manipuri nation.

“By inculcating critical consciousness among our people, we can build up our individual manners as well as national character, and our national character would determine our future”, the outfit claimed.

Quoting Greek philosopher Heraclitus’s saying, “Character is destiny”, the outfit said that this conviction would form the basis of the revolutionary movement as well as freedom.

In another word, inculcating critical consciousness means giving proper education. For this, there is a need to launch an education campaign in the society. The campaign should encompass all sections of the society and it should cover both formal and informal education systems, within school and outside. Informing that the KYKL would be launching an intense education campaign, the outfit asserted that the campaign demands revival of the ONK in order to correct and improve the formal education system.

This time, the outfit would focus more on ensuring mass participation in the campaign, the outfit informed while appealing to the people to join the second edition of the ONK.

(Courtesy: The Sangai Express)

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