KSO Express Reservation In Executive Director Assuming Charge

LAMKA, Feb 26: A day after the Executive Director of ADC Churachandpur Kulachandra Singh assumed charge of office, the Kuki Students’ Organization Ghqs said it takes strong exception to the fact that the DCs serving in the hill districts have been pressurized by the political forces to hand over the charge of the post of ED DRDA to senior MCS officers.

‘With all the respect due to the MCS officers and the know-it-all Netas, in the field of administration there are certain principles like Unity of Command and Supervision, which could not be compromised by any means if one is to have a sound and efficient administration at all levels. What is politically feasible is not always technically or administratively feasible so,’ said a statement of the KSO.

The KSO have learnt that these political forces have been using the senior most Babus in the state as a political tool to pressurize the Deputy Commissioners to fall in line with this erroneous and ridiculous policy, it added.

Further asserting the KSO stand on the issue that it will not accept any move to politicize the DRDA remains unchanged, the student body decreed – ‘the newly designated Executive Directors will not be allowed to function in the hill district at any cost.’ No internal arrangement should be made to the ED MCS officers and anyone facilitating them will be branded as anti-tribal and anti-people, it said.

In this fight for those who are politically voice-less and against the politicalisation of the DRDA the KSO’s approach will brook no compromise. Besides, tribal student bodies will be compelled to resort to extreme measures if the government chooses still to remain rigid, it declared.

(Courtesy: The Sangai Express)

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