Khaidem Mani Lambasts Central Government

IMPHAL, Apr 18: Noted human rights activist Khaidem Mani has lambasted New Delhi accusing the latter of meting out step-motherly treatment on the North East people.

Driving home his point, Khaidem Mani said when social activist Anna Hazare fasted for few days the Government of India comfortably obliged to acknowledge the activist’s agitation.

“However, Irom Sharmila from Manipur resorting to the best democratic way of agitation for more than ten years demanding the repeal of AFSPA-1958, has been ignored by the world’s largest democracy, India,” rues the noted human rights activist while talking to Newmai News Network this evening. Khaidem Mani however said he supports the movement spear headed by Anna Hazare against corruption. “My complaint is that the same yardstick should be used by New Delhi when dealing things,” said Khaidem Mani, adding, “The government of India sees the North Easterners as either sub-human beings or second class citizens of India.” He said because of all such double-standard dealings of New Delhi the North East people today feel alienated.

The noted rights activist who is also a well known advocate then trains his gun on the people confining in the mainland India saying the latter equally are callous when comes to the issues pertaining to the North East region.

“Lakhs of people across India erupted when Anna Hazare fasted for just four days but they refused to acknowledge our sister Irom Sharmila who has been agitating for more than a decade now,” lamented Khaidem Mani who has been one of the symbols of campaign against human rights violation in Manipur.

On New Delhi’s refusal to repeal AFSPA-1958, Khaidem Mani ridicules the former’s policy by saying,” India had fought wars against mighty China and Pakistan but the country has no enough courage and strength to fight insurgents in the North East and hence the AFSPA,” and asks, “Why does India has to use black laws such as AFSPA against the people of North East and Kashmir if it thinks we are its citizens?”

Khaidem Mani who has been very vocal in the campaign against the violation of human rights, is still energetic in his mission even after almost thirty years as a human rights activist

(Courtesy: The Sangai Express/ Newmai News Network)

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