KCP-MC Announces More Strictures On Influx

IMPHAL, Mar 4: Intensifying its “Operation Clear-Cut” directed against non-local people, the proscribed KCP-MC has announced a whole set of restrictions and do’s and don’ts with regard to the influx of non-local people into the State.

A press release issued by the outfit’s military affairs secretary Lanheiba Meitei said that no land should be sold to non-locals, if already sold the former owners should buy their land back.

No non-locals should be employed as laborers including in building construction and no room should be rented to them.

There should be no transport service between Bihar and Imphal and Kathmandu (Nepal) and Imphal and all transporters should stop bringing in non-locals to Manipur.

The population of non-local people including Nepalis who have made their settlement here should be counted afresh and the same should be informed to the party.

Non-locals are not allowed to contest any kind of election and they are banned from rendering their service as porters in market places.

The non-locals are prohibited from running any kind of business, big or small and they are banned from hawking and collecting goods from place to place.

The Govt should not hire laborers of companies based outside the State.

The elected representatives should revive the ILP system announces on November 18, 1950.

However, the ILP enacted after 1950, being an Act under the Indian Constitution, cannot be enforced in the State, Lanheiba asserted.

Informing that the party’s Central Security Council has authorized its army wing KFL to strictly enforce these declarations, Lanheiba said that the party may be somewhat lenient till April 4 this year, the deadline set by the party.

But after April 4, the party would use all its resources including guns and bombs to ensure that “Operation Clear-Cut” ends in success.

Asking all the non-local people not to make Kangleipak their own grave- yards, Lanheiba advised them to leave Kangleipak before it is too late.

(Courtesy: The Sangai Express)

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