KCP Celebrates 31st Raising Day

KCP cadres participate at the 31st Raising Day Celebration at a base camp. Image Credit: Sangai Photo

IMPHAL, Apr 17: The proscribed KCP celebrated its 31st raising day on April 14 where the party’s president Laba Meitei conveyed best greetings to all the indigenous people of Kangleipak and fellow revolutionaries.

Addressing the gathering, Laba said security forces and their agents, taking advantage of disunity among the UG groups, have been indulging in different covert and overt activities, thereby doing serious harm to the relationship between revolutionaries and the people. Nevertheless, people and the revolutionaries can never be separated for they are bound together by an unbreakable bond, Laba asserted.

Saying that it’s time to unite together and fight the Indian regime collectively, Laba admitted that it would not be an easy task to fight the Government of India which has the second largest population in the world.

Revolutionary groups of not only Kangleipak but all revolutionary groups of the entire North East region need to join hands. Only then, the Government of India can be defeated, he asserted.

Laba also hailed the bravery and courage of the Manipuri women.

He concluded his speech by paying tributes to all the revolutionaries who got martyred in the course of the liberation movement, and saluting the living revolutionaries.

Lt Gune of KYKL’s Meeyamgi Yawol Lanmee who was chief guest of the occasion, stressed on the need for unification of all revolutionary groups of the land even though it is late.

Revolutionary cadres should not do anything that would lessen people’s faith in the revolutionary movement, he added.

(Courtesy: The Sangai Express)

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