JAC Negates IFC Minister On Two Counts

LAMKA, Mar 26: Accusing the IFC minister of misleading the house when responding to a question pertaining to the breaching of Khuga Dam’s western canal, the JAC of Khuga Dam raised certain posers negating the minister’s assertion.

A statement issued by the chairman and in-charge secretary of the JAC said, the breach that occurred on March 16, 2011 was not due to act of sabotage by some anti-social elements, as the minister alleged. The breached portion covers a distance of more than 50 feet and the crack portion in the adjoining area measures more than 40 feet, clearly indicating that the infamous incident is not man-made or dug out deliberately, it argued.

The JAC also dubbed assertion of the minister that water was not released when the incident occurred as a total lie.

‘The JAC, on learning about the breaching of the left canal, rushed to the spot with local media persons for verification. Even during media coverage, the canal further crumbled and the evidence, in the form of photo and video-clip, is in the custody of the JAC which can be produced anytime if demanded so for truth and justice sake,’ it claimed.

The JAC also questioned motive behind registering an FIR in connection with the canal breach while expressing that resorting to legal process based on false allegation can be construed as an act of humiliation against the denizens of Churachandpur.

The JAC further expressed concern over the probable repercussions the dam can create as rainy season advances.

‘The JAC viewed restriction of visitors, including media persons to the dam premises as a mean to cover up the corrupt practices and sub-standard work execution in the construction of the dam spanning over 28 years,’ it added.

Also contradicting the government’s claim on the benefits of Khuga Dam, the JAC alleged that the dam does not deliver sufficient drinking water nor does it irrigate any paddy field. The power component as was reported earlier, have already been declared deferred.

(Courtesy: The Sangai Express/ S Singlianmang Guite)

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