It’s Raining Manna On Henglep Widows

LAMKA, Feb 22: They are the poorest of the poor in the village, and are apparently unaware why their village is restive in trying to host a guest they have never seen and heard of.  Yet this handful of widows in Henglep are the people who have truly benefited out of it as manna is literally raining on them.

Hesitant to walk out from their humble thatched huts even when the village elders commanded them to do so, the poverty-stricken women are often taken aback by what awaits them outside.

Surprise and short on how to react with the news of the visiting Deputy Commissioner planning to rebuild their houses they often ended up wearing teary eyes.

‘This is what the Bible calls the manna from Heaven,’ said Ngailam of N Saikot, a widow, after she was given Rs. 25,000 in cash to rebuilt her house as a first installment.

She has been advised to produce a photographic evidence of the newly build house to claim the second installment that will come in the form of CIG sheets.

In all a total of nineteen housing schemes have been awarded by Deputy Commissioner Jacintha Lazarus when she visited the remote and inaccessible villages of Henglep last week.

Of these, nine are for upgradation and ten for new construction.

It is surprising to note that many of these interior villages do not have a single roof that is worthy of calling it a tin roofing despite the Government ostensibly awarding IAY schemes to villages throughout the district.

With the visiting Deputy Commissioner personally witnessing the wretched living condition of the villagers and picking the poorest of the poor who are mostly widows to receive the benefit, the scheme could have this time around benefited the intended section of people.

(Courtesy: The Sangai Express/S Singlianmang Guite)

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