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India Trying A Repeat Of 1949: UNLF

IMPHAL, Nov 30: Asserting that the stoic silence maintained by Dhaka and Delhi on the status of RK Meghen, the proscribed UNLF today claimed that it is yet another ploy of India to re-enact the 1949 episode, wherein Maharaja Budhachandra was forced to sign the Merger Agreement under duress.

Referring to the intimation sent by the chairman of the Bangladesh Communist Party to its Indian counterpart that Meghen was indeed arrested by a joint team of Indian agents and their Bangladeshi counter parts, preceded earlier by the report from BBC, the outfit in a statement issued to the press today said that it is now more than clear that RK Meghen has indeed been arrested at Dhaka and taken to Delhi for further interrogation.

Referring to the latest news report from Tehelka which claimed that Meghen was flown to Delhi from Dhaka and is now currently being kept in a safe house near Mehrauli in Delhi and being interrogated, UNLF said that India is trying its best to make Meghen agree to come to the negotiating table as well as to fake a surrender drama.

If Meghen does not agree with the terms set by India, then he would be sent back to Dhaka, where several charges can be cooked up against him to keep him under arrest, said the outfit.

This is nothing but an attempt of Delhi to re-enact the 1949 episode when the then Maharaja of Manipur was forced to ink the Merger Agreement under duress at Shillong, asserted UNLF.

The series of contrasting comments given by the Union Home Secretary, GK Pillai on the status of Meghen, which ranged from admitting that Meghen is in the custody of India, to denying such report and taking shelter under the alibi of ‘˜I will inquire first,’ today rings hollow in the face of the total silence maintained by Delhi, neither denying or confirming the story, given by Tehelka, which had even stated that Meghen is being kept somewhere in a safe house at Mehrauli in Delhi.

Stating that it has been more than two months since Meghen has been arrested with Delhi and Dhaka still maintaining a stoic silence, the outfit said that keeping a man under arrest and subjecting him to interrogation without divulging his real status is nothing less than acts of terrorism.

On the other hand it is also a reflection of how Delhi perceives the people of Manipur and its scant respect for the sentiments of the people, charged UNLF.  Charging the National Investigation Agency (NIA) and RAW agents of committing numerous subversive activities, UNLF said that apart from the UNLF chairman, the chairman of the ULFA, chairman of the NDFB and other rebel leaders of the North East have been arrested on the sly. Even an NSCN (IM) activist, Ningkhan Shimray was arrested from Kathmandu was arrested from Kathmandu. The IM group is presently engaged in a peace talk with the Government of India.  Niranjan Hojai of the DHD was similarly picked up from Kathmandu.

Bangladesh under the Sheikh Hasina Government has today become a stooge of India, said the outfit and added that though India may don the mask of the champion of non-violence and pride itself as the largest democracy in the world, it has been blatantly flouting human rights without any compunction. The imposition of the Armed Forces Special Powers Act is just an instance of giving the license to its security personnel to kill at the slightest pretext. Till date, numerous civilians from Manipur have disappeared after being picked up by the security forces, charged the outfit and added that the report of Tehelka leaves no one in doubt that India is a rogue State.

Should such a country with so many blemishes of human rights violation be admitted as a permanent member of the United Nations Security Council? It asked.

Giving a brief history of Sanayaima, the outfit said that he joined the liberation movement in the late 60s and then went underground in 1976.  Since then he has been playing a major role in taking UNLF to its present stature, it said and hailed him as the leading light of the liberation movement.

(Courtesy: The Sangai Express)

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