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India Has No Right To Put Sanayaima On Trial, Asserts UNLF

IMPHAL, Dec 27: The pro-scribed United National Liberation Front (UNLF) has asserted that New Delhi has no right to put its Chair-man Sanayaima on trial.

Stating that he was a freedom fighter struggling to re-establish the lost sovereignty of Manipur, the outfit claimed that Indian court cannot put Sanayaima on trial.

The Government of India‘s initiative to put Chair- man Sanayaima on trial is hogwash. It is nothing but mock trial, the outfit’s central committee asserted in a statement.

Claiming that Chairman Sanayaima is innocent, the outfit alleged that the initiative to put Sanayaima on trial is an attempt to cover up the Government of India’s diabolic policy to exterminate all indigenous people of the land.

Manipur was never a part of India. However, the Government of India forfeited the right to self determination of the people of Manipur which is most dear to them after the alleged forced annexation of Manipur into the Indian Union in October 15, 1949.

Since then, even the right to life of the people of Manipur has been put under the mercy of Indian security forces.

Even though India has been claiming to be a democratic country, the Government of India has been continuously violating all democratic rights entitled to the people of Manipur, the central committee alleged.

Had the Government of India sincerely believed in democracy, it would not have side-stepped the UNLF’s proposal to allow the people of Manipur participate in resolving the Manipur-India conflict through plebiscite.

Nevertheless, the outfit called upon the people to launch strong mass movements so that a plebiscite is held in response to New Delhi’s challenge to the people of Manipur and their rights.

Categorically stating that the UNLF or its army wing MPA never waged war against India or attacked them, the central committee explained that the outfit has been only struggling to protect the Manipuri people‘s right to self determination against the Government of India’s alleged repressive measures unleashed in Manipur.

For this, the UNLF/MPA took up arms to face the alien forces. This is not any war of secession. It is a legitimate struggle acceptable to the international community aimed at winning back the Right to National Self Determination which is guaranteed by the United Nations, the outfit asserted.

Stating that this right is entitled to all Manipuris, the outfit pointed out that to fight for the right to national self determination is an inescapable responsibility of each and every Manipuri people.

To the Manipuris, nothing is dearer than freedom. As they valued sovereignty more than anything else, Manipuri people safeguarded their territorial boundary with their own strength and resources throughout history and they left a proud legacy.

The outfit further called upon the people to show with their united strength that India can never succeed in its evil design to exterminate Manipuri nation even though the population of Manipur is very small.

Government of India’s hypocrisy and deceitful attitude was exposed to the entire world by Chairman Sanayaima’s own statement that he was abducted from Dhaka, not from Bihar as claimed by New Delhi, the outfit added.

(Courtesy: The Sangai Express)

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