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India’s Diabolical Plan Has Utterly Failed: UNLF

IMPHAL, Dec 2: Sensing a major international issue following strong pressures exerted by the people of Manipur and the Amnesty International, Government of India has finally produced Chairman Sana Yaima though allegedly with a false claim that the Chairman was arrested from Bihar.

Even as impartial media houses like the BBC and Tahelka have reported the arrest of Sana Yaima from Dhaka, New Delhi has been claiming that the Chairman was arrested from Bihar after a gap of almost two months thereby exposing itself to the international community as a rogue country cloaked in democracy.

A statement issued by the outfit’s senior publicity officer Ksh Yoiheiba reasserted that Sana Yaima was arrested by Indian intelligence agency RAW and their Bangladeshi counterparts from Lalmatia area of Dhaka on September  29 last when he was travelling in his car Dhaka Metro (G-17-0716).

On the same day, the arrest or abduction was reported to Mohammadpur police station at Dhaka and FIR No 1981 was registered. Moreover, missing reports were published in Bangladesh based newspapers, Inqilab and Yugantor together with photographs of Chairman Sana Yaima alias Meghen alias Surjit Waikhom.

Still the Government of India maintained a stoic silence over the arrest of Sana Yaima before it came up with the Bihar story. First, New Delhi claimed that the Chairman was arrested by NIA, and again, they said that Sana Yaima was arrested by a combined team of Bihar Police and Manipur Police.  This is nothing but a classic case of telling a hundred lies in their effort to cover up a fact.

On the other hand, Manipur Police have already clarified about their non-involvement in the arrest of Sana Yaima, the outfit observed.

Yet, such ridiculous games being played by India is nothing new to the people of Manipur.

The episode of Chairman Sana Yaima’s arrest and the bizarre claims being made by India have further testified that security forces have been acting at the command of New Delhi in numerous cases of forced disappearances of innocent civilians, killing people in fake encounters and luring people with jobs only to enact surrender dramas.

‘If the Government of India’s claim that Sana Yaima was arrested from Bihar, has any truth, then why is it still not sending any rebuttal to BBC and Tehelka ?’,

‘Should not CPI leader AB Bardhan, who took the words of Bangladesh Communist Party leader Mansur Hassan Khan and spoke against the Government of India be punished under a case of sedition?’ the outfit questioned.

The Government of India would never be able to give any convincing answer to these questions for it is guilty of concealing the whereabouts of Sana Yaima for the last two months during which the Chairman was subjected to both physical and mental harassment.

Whereas the Government of India has been consistently floating a false propaganda to project the liberation movement of Manipur as terrorism, New Delhi has been deploying a large number of its armed forces in Manipur who are unleashing all kinds of State terrorism.

Asking if no international body would stand up against the State terrorism unleashed by India against numerically smaller communities of the North East region, the outfit asserted that the answer to this question should come only from the collective strength of the people.

The failure of the Government of India in its secret plan to eliminate Chairman Sana Yaima was a result of the people’s mass movement.

Reposing full faith in the people’s united strength, the UNLF reminded all the people of both the valley and hills that they can never dare dream of prosperity and development as a nation as long as Manipur remains under the alien rule of India.

As long as the people remain under the alien rule, they are like sacrificial lambs awaiting slaughter.

To march towards political freedom and progress, both the people of hills and valley ought to shoulder their responsibilities with firm conviction. ‘We need to groom hundreds and hundreds of Sana Yaimas and Nura Temshingnabi Irom Chanu Sharmilas to overthrow the alien rule. By that time, it would be impossible for India to keep us under their regime’, the outfit asserted.

(Courtesy: The Sangai Express)

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