In Pursuit Of UGC Pay Scale… Govt College Teachers To Boycott IMC Polls

IMPHAL, May 23: Protesting against the failure of the State Government to implement the revised UGC pay scale, Government college teachers in Manipur have announced their decision to boycott the election to the Imphal Municipal Council (IMC), which is scheduled to be held on May 25.

Serving a fresh ultimatum to the Government, the aggrieved teachers working in various colleges under the Government of Manipur have also warned that they would be forced to launch various intense democratic agitations with effect from June 6 if the Government fails to implement the revised UGC pay scale by June 4.

Addressing a press conference in this connection at Manipur Press Club here today, convener of Federation of College Teachers’ Association, Manipur (FECTAM) M Lokendro pointed out that after several rounds of meetings and submission of ultimatum over the demand for implementation of revised UGC pay scale to around 1030 teachers working in 28 colleges under the Government of Manipur, a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was signed on March 3 this year.

Accordingly, FECTAM had called off its proposed strike.

However, as the Government did not take up any steps towards implementation of demands agreed in the MoU, another representation was submitted to the Chief Minister on March 28, he added.

But again, the Government has not given any response, thereby constraining the teachers to boycott the upcoming election to Imphal Municipal Council on May 25, Lokendro explained.

Even after boycotting of the IMC election, if the Government fails to issue an order to the effect of implementing the revised UGC pay scale to the college teachers by June 4, the aggrieved college teachers would be launching a series of intense democratic agitations with effect from June 6, he announced.

Pointing out that Manipur is the only remaining State in India today where revised UGC pay scale has not yet been implemented, Lokendro asserted that in other States, the respective Governments have been paying attention to development of education under the new framework laid down by UGC, but in Manipur, the Government has working overtime to ensure the failure of the education system.

The Government of Manipur has no time to spare their thoughts on issues related to development of education but it has enough time for issuing UO notes and DO letters for contract and supply works, added the teachers.

The Ministers and the MLAs too look upon the college teachers who approach them for discussion over such issues as people coming to ask their favor, Lokendro lamented.

(Courtesy: The Sangai Express)

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