Illegal Tax Collection Slur Cast Over Cops

UKHRUL, Apr 9: Kasom Khullen sub-division Students’ Union (KKSSU) has today strongly decried the alleged ‘illegal’ tax imposed upon the public and villages by Kasom Khullen Police post.

While talking to The Sangai Express, the president of the student body Loungtaingam Shimprui said the Police out-post has been imposing illegal tax to the villagers for carrying firewood for their own domestic purposes for the last 1 to 2 years.

Sources said these practices have been continuing boldly without giving a least thought for the poor rural villagers who are bringing all this firewood from their own land holding for domestic purpose and not for sale. The police used to demand Rs 50 to 100 and if the villagers resist such demands they were not allowed to take away the fire woods, this is indeed disgusting, the president rued. He maintained that he himself was a victim from illegal tax collection of the police, saying that recently he was carrying a truck load of firewood in a Shaktiman from nearby village at Kasom Khullen and as soon as he reached the Police post he was stopped by the police personnel at the gate and asked to toll out Rs 500 as tax.

Upon asking why he had to give tax, the police simply told him that they (police) had to collect tax for bringing foreword but upon informing the police that it was meant for his own use and not for sale then the police demanded Rs 100 and warmed him that the vehicle carrying firewood would not be allowed to cross the gate and only after the driver requested the police the policeman on duty finally allowed them to go but after minimizing the amount of tax to Rs 50, he said.

Drawing attention of the authority concerned Shimprui stated that every villager of the sub-division used to bring and stock firewood during the season and prepared for monsoon as villagers could not live without fire in the kitchen.

If such illegal tax collection continues many unwanted incident may arise out of it, so it should be stopped immediately, he cautioned.

(Courtesy: The Sangai Express / Addie Chiphang)

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