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Ibobi’s Statements Full Of Contradictions: RPF

IMPHAL, Apr 24: Chief Minister Okram Ibobi has been trying to mislead the people by uttering contradictory statements from time to time, asserted the proscribed RPF.

At one time, he said Manipur has its own history older than 2000 years. Again he would say Manipur is a sovereign State within India.

Next time, he stated that the sovereignty of Manipur could not be disturbed by India or any super power.

Then he would say India is attaining super power status and that her (India) integrity cannot be challenged by any power. All these contradictory statements were Ibobi’s own beliefs, remarked the outfit.

According to a press release issued by the outfit’s Publicity Secretary T Leisemba, Manipur was merged into India on October 15, 1949 after the then King  Bodhchandra was held captive in Redlands, Shillong and forced to sign the Merger Agreement under duress.

At that time, India had no Constitution and there was no elected Government. But an elected Government was already established in Manipur. By that time, the king had bequeathed all his powers to the people.

That is why, the Merger Agreement has been rejected as illegal and unconstitutional and no one can challenge this assertion till date, the outfit claimed.

Saying that CM Ibobi has many things to learn, Leisemba asserted that independence of a nation does not depend on its territorial size or the size of its population.

It depends on the wish and aspirations of the nation, Leisemba contended.

Forget about India, if the people of Manipur are determined to live independently under nobody’s subjugation, no force on earth can prevent them.

This was testified by Cuba and Vietnam when they inflicted humiliating defeat on the USA.

Manipur’s 2000 year old history as a sovereign kingdom was a gift of the forefathers who valued independence more than anything else.

What Ibobi stated was driven by the compulsion to secure his seat for he had taken some benefits from India, the outfit alleged. But in matters which concern the people and the nation, Ibobi should not utter such words which smacks of ignorance and arrogance.

Since the day Manipur was merged into India, the Indian Constitution has been forced upon the people of Manipur and a proxy Government has been established here.

This is quite similar to the British rule in Manipur in the name of minor king Churachand.

In the same vein, Ibobi has been ruling the State in the interest of India.

Pointing out that no revolutionary group has declared that Manipur would revert to the days of monarchy after achieving independence, the outfit claimed that the aspirations of the revolutionary groups is to free the people from the Indian rule and establish a democratic Government.

(Courtesy: The Sangai Express)

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