Ibobi’s Statement Cloaked In Obscurity: RPF

IMPHAL, Apr 16: Chief Minister Okram Ibobi’s statement presented at a function held at Hqs IG AR (S) Mantripukhri on April 13 was cloaked in obscurity and was not fully comprehensible, alleged the proscribed RPF.

Uttering insincere statements would only multiply the complexity of the Indo-Manipur conflict and add to the misery of the beleaguered people, the outfit asserted in a press release issued by its Publicity Secretary T Leisemba.

People would be willing to listen to the Chief Minister, who has been in the forefront while paying tributes to martyrs on Khongjom Day, Irabot Day etc, if he made the statement after studying the present problems in detail.

Generally, the Manipuris are a nation who likes to live independently under no foreign nation’s control and this is vividly testified by its more than 2000 years old history.

Manipuri people have no desire to live at the mercy of India as slaves.

It would be in compliance with the truth if all concerned act after taking cognizance of the fact that the ongoing liberation movement has nothing to do with unemployment, poverty or disillusionment, the RPF asserted.

Recalling that Britain was one of the countries which suffered heavy losses during the second World War, the outfit said that Britain would have fallen into a very difficult situation from where it could not extricate itself had they not received American aid.

Under such difficult situation, Britain was compelled to free and leave most of the countries they colonized.

Among all these countries which became independent after World War II, it was only in India where there was non-violence movement. Here, it would do good to study that it was not Gandhi’s non-violence movement alone which brought independence to India.

Though the educated and civilized British people respected Gandhi’s non-violence movement, to- day’s (alleged) uncivilized Indian regime and their puppet State Government has little respect for Irom Chanu Sharmila’s 10 year old non-violence movement.

This implies that the pre-sent Indian regime has little respect for Gandhi, the outfit asserted. While preaching Gandhi’s non-violence, the Indian regime has been perpetrating all kinds of human rights violation all over India.

Moreover, the Indian regime has been pursuing a policy of dominance over its smaller neighboring countries.

By fully militarizing Jammu and Kashmir and the North East, the Indian regime has been violating all kinds of human rights including numerous cases of rape in these two regions, the outfit alleged.

In the meantime, O Ibobi’s Government which is neck-deep in corruption has been continuously looting the people. Ministers and top bureaucrats of the Government have been amassing wealth and properties incompatible to their sources of income.  In addition to purchasing flats and shop plots in metropolitan cities like Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai etc, these nouveau-riche have started a new practice of keeping concubines. They have also been arming their sons and relatives who in turn have started committing crimes. Further, many agents groomed and protected by these Ministers and bureaucrats have been indulging in all kinds of criminal acts like launching bomb and firing attacks at civilian areas to project the revolutionaries in wrong light.  Since the alleged annexation of Manipur by India, any aspiration of the people could never be achieved by democratic means without violent movements and this was a lesson taught by Indian rulers. This was also known to Chief Minister O Ibobi and his Govt has never listened to any voice of the people which lacked violent movements, the outfit added.

(Courtesy: The Sangai Express)

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