Honesty, Sincerity Continues To Flow In The Veins Of All Tangkhuls

A roadside stall without the owner speaks volume about trust. Image Credit: Sangai Photo

UKHRUL, Apr 21:  The Tangkhuls are known for their graciousness, simplicity, diligence, hospitality and sincerity since the days of yore and these adjectives still sit pretty well on their shoulders as honesty and sincerity during trading activities in the past is still in vogue today, especially in the western areas.

This is not something lifted from a feel good movie or a fairy tale but is still in practice in these villages, policy of systematic self help and comprehensive services to the public predominantly, the outsiders and way-farers in a unique business system, if truth be told to win the hearts of many travelers in these western avenues on more than many occasions.

Come the adventure travel or rather Journey via western areas of district to Nagaland from Ukhrul to Tadubi road via Kachai -Homi road , many vehicles use to travel/pass regularly this route to go to the nearest neighboring State and one will not fail to witness this unique style of running and opening an ‘open shop’ without the owner in sight but only goods of various types of vegetables and fruits stored neatly with a notice board displayed which read as vegetables and fruits sold here, with each package bearing the cost price Rs 10.

In a random weighing by this correspondent, it was found that most of the package was more than one kilogram.

Apart from the unique traits of honesty and sincerity involved, another interesting trait is that one does not have to bargain but to take the goods/vegetables at one’s own choice without bothering to find the owner. It is simple. If one happens to like the items displayed or set aside in the shops, one simply helps oneself and with the shop owner at most times out of sight, there is no room for bargaining.

For the travelers, whose passion lies in picking up things or buying items while on a journey, these menless shops are something of a blessing as they have the privilege to choose and pick their option by merely shelling out Rs 10 per packet. There are no limits and anybody can take as much as one likes.

When The Sangai Express inquired about the owner of these shops, some villagers volunteered to lead to two different owners of these shops who have been running this novel method of opening such a shop in the interior areas of many link roads of the villages as well as a frequented road travel to Nagaland.

One owner  identified himself to be the Church choir master of Hoomie village name Issac (51) and the another one from the same village called Thomas (46) where both of them are said to be venturing on this unique style of running a business.

When asked how and when they started taking up this new style of business they  informed that they have been running the open business since the beginning of 2010, and that they are doing well with the unique business method where they can earn Rs 380 to 430 per day easily.

When queries, problems and difficulties like stealing their money or goods/vegetables in any juncture by somebody in the past or present, they informed that nothing of such thing ever take place till date but to their surprise many a times they found their paper box (mean for money) more than the tangible rate of their total goods kept in the open shop.

Obviously, it was being put on the box by some generous and kind hearted gentlemen for the poor farmers like us, they added.

They further informed that they will be enduring this unique business until their farms can produce what they have planted according to the seasons and that they firmly believe the honesty that is inside to everybody heart will make the man’s open his eyes, one way or the other for the truthfulness and sincerity of the poor farmers in some rural corner. The unique village open shop owners said.

(Courtesy: The Sangai Express/ Addie Chiphang)

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