Govt to felicitate Mr. World A Bobi

IMPHAL, Mar 15: A Bobi who won Mr. World title in the Mr. World Contest held from October 27 to November 1 last year would be felicitated by the State Government along with medal winners at the Jharkhand National Games.

This was stated by YAS Minister N Biren in the State Assembly in response to a call attention motion raised by senior Member O Joy and MLA RK Anand today.

Raising the call attention motion, O Joy noted that A Bobi brought rare laurels and fame for Manipur by winning Mr. World 2010 title    at the international championship which was attended by body builders from 40 countries. “We are not asking rewards for Mr. World A Bobi but we cannot help wondering at the Government’s indifference to such rare achievement of a Manipuri sports person at the highest international level”, Joy stated.

Observing that there are two body buildings associations in Manipur as well as in India, Joy asked if the conflict between the two associations should ruin career of body builders.

Asking if the Mr. World title won by A Bobi was something that did not merit any acknowledgement, the veteran MLA questioned what the YAS Department was doing all these days.

“Should the YAS Department remain a mute a spectator to all activities of the particular organization which has not yet won a national title, forget about international titles ?” Joy asked. MLA RK Anand alleged that the Government of Manipur has been victimizing A Bobi who won fame and glory for

Manipur in the international sporting arena. Anand expressed strong suspicion if the State Government has any efficient sports policy.

Responding to the motion, YAS Minister N Biren claimed that the Government has already announced its commitment to felicitate Mr. World A Bobi.  However, the program was delayed due to a series of written complaints and contentions from the two organizations claiming each other as illegal, Biren said. Even though A Bobi represented Railways, he may avail the benefits being extended to sports persons of the State under the Government’s sports policy, Biren added.

(Courtesy: The Sangai Express)

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